Which Zodiac Rashi is Compatible With Which Rashi of the Zodiac?

Zodiac Sign matching is the primary goal when it comes to marriages. Have you ever matched your Zodiac sign with a man or woman you love? I am sure you have. If you have not, you can try it to see if it works for you and him or her at all.

Today Rashifal determination is an important parameter, actually a basic parameter in Indian marriages.

Kundali Matching is possible only when you at least have a basic knowledge about Zodiac signs and their compatibility parameters.

Ideally let us begin by saying that there are 12 Zodiac Signs namely

1) Aries
2) Taurus
3) Gemini
4) Cancer
5) Leo
6) Virgo
7) Libra
8) Scorpio
9) Sagittarius
10) Capricorn
11) Aquarius
12) Pisces

Funny, isn’t it? How we categorize humans into just twelve types and create a pattern that matches every individual within a group.

To add to the complexity, these twelve Zodiac signs are further divided into four groups or clusters- Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Yes, these twelve Zodiac signs can be divided into four groups with three each under one element. Let us see how?

  • Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

How do you know water elements can match whom?

Astrology basically teaches you to identify those people who can suit your mood and your attitude. it tells you that there are certain people who can understand you and there are some other people who think the opposite about you.
Let us see, based on Astrology, how well you would do with other signs through the use of this chart to understand Zodiac Sign compatibility.

Compatibility is just not one word but it envelops so many other words within it and when your family is trying to perform a Kundali matching by Rashi then these factors need to be taken into consideration.

1) Energy running within the signs

2) Mutability of signs

3) Ruling Planet

Understanding these points would shed some light on why some go well with others while they don’t do well with some other signs in marriage making through Rashi.

1) Energy running within the signs: We are actually blessed with three forms of energy you need to know when performing Kundali matching by your Rashi- masculine, feminine and neutral energy levels. However, the neutral energy forces have not been able to hold grounds due to their mild presence, hence masculine and feminine forces have it all. Six zodiac signs are masculine and six zodiac signs are feminine by nature.

a) Masculine Energy: Masculine energy levels include

A) Aries (Fire Sign)

B) Gemini (Air Sign)

C) Leo (Fire Sign)

D) Libra (Air Sign)

E) Sagittarius (Fire Sign)

F) Aquarius (Air Sign)

b) Feminine Signs: Feminine energy levels are found in the rest six.

A) Taurus (Earth Sign)

B) Cancer (Water Sign)

C) Virgo (Earth Sign)

D) Scorpio (Feminine Sign)

E) Capricorn (Feminine Sign)

F) Pisces (Feminine Sign)

So, by now you might have figured out that all the Water Zodiac Signs and the Earth Zodiac Signs are more with feminine energy and all the Air and Fire Zodiac signs are laced with more masculine energy.

How or why this happens?

Fire is a creative force and so is Air. Masculinity is always associated with creation and curative forces.

Water and Earth are feminine forces. They conserve the creation, they cradle the creation.

If you notice closely, you will find that each of the six masculine signs is always busy creating such changes and such new processes in the Universe.

The other six energies if you notice can do restoration, cradling and maintains the creation perfectly.

Now, there are few other elements for you to understand.

The mutability of signs.

What is mutability?

Mutability is the factor that determines how or what sort of power do the signs have?

How much can they mutate, and to what extent it can impact them?

To determine this, the signs have been further classified into Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable energies.

Cardinal Zodiac Signs do the work of Brahma, the Creator.

Fixed Zodiac Signs do the work of Vishnu, preservation of a certain pattern or format.

Mutable Zodiac Signs perform the role of Shivay, the destroyer and the path setter for newness.

So, if you want to classify then Cardinal Zodiac Signs would be Aries (Fire Sign), Capricorn (Earth Sign), Cancer (Water Sign) and Libra (Air Sign).

Fixed Zodiac Signs are Leo (Fire Sign), Taurus (Earth Sign), Scorpio (Water Sign) and Aquarius (Air Sign)

Mutable Zodiac Signs are Sagittarius (Fire Sign), Virgo (Earth Sign), Pisces (Water Sign) and Gemini (Mutable Sign).

It is interesting to note that Fire and Water follow the linear order of Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable Sign.

For Earth the order of Zodiac Signs is Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn and they follow a hooch pooch order with Fixed-Mutable-Cardinal in their way.

For Air Zodiac Signs the order is again different, Gemini-Libra-Aquarius and they are Mutable-Cardinal-Fixed.

So to note, two cardinal Zodiac Signs are masculine and two cardinal signs are feminine.

It is the same with all the other Zodiac Signs – there is a perfect balance if you notice.

Ruling Planet also decides who is a friend of whom?

  • Sun rules Leo
  • Moon rules Cancer
  • Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn
  • Mars rules Aries and Scorpio
  • Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo
  • Pluto rules Scorpio alone
  • Neptune rules Pisces
  • Uranus rules Aquarius.
  • Venus rules Taurus and Libra

Now, Venus is friends with Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Mars.

Jupiter is friends to Sun, Saturn, Mercury and neutral to Pluto, Neptune and Uranus

Sun and Moon are friends to Jupiter and to each other.

So, this is what also helps us determine our partners.

These are all conditions that would entertain the forming of a pair, a couple, and an inimitable bond between two people. Zodiac Signs and Zodiac sign compatibility works well for marriage and Kundali matching. This basic understanding can guide you well in your path of your marriage.

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