Which Design Agencies Should You Skip

Which Design Agencies Should You Skip?

Using a digital design company is almost mandatory for any business that wants to make the best use of its branding and marketing budget. However, not all of these agencies will be a good fit for your organization. If you see an agency that appears to be like the ones below, it might be worth a shot looking around a bit longer.

1.) Agencies that lack a focus

Design companies that offer you every possible service under the sun will in most cases, suffer from the “jack of all trades, master of none” problem. Chances are they are less likely to perform as well as more specialized agencies for a specific need.

One exception is if you only have a limited budget and want to work with just one full-service agency that can perform several different tasks at an “acceptable” level. In most cases, however, you’re usually better off working with several different specialized agencies.

2.) Ones that withhold account details or force you to use their proprietary systems

Design agencies that force you to use their proprietary systems or withhold information that lets you access your own account can leave you vulnerable to having your assets held hostage. This can be an especially difficult situation if the company you’re dealing with is based overseas.

Great agencies can work with you using a variety of different platforms and formats and are certainly not going to use unethical means to keep you dependent on their services.

3.) Ones that cannot show metrics-based success

Design can sometimes be a subjective field. But in many instances where it’s used to boost an organization’s abilities, there are always objective ways of determining success.
Web design, for instance, isn’t just about making prettier web pages. It’s about relating to a wider market and getting more people to buy or become brand advocates. Better design often translates to longer site visits, better goodwill, and more sales — all things that can be measured in one way or another.

A design company that has difficulty coming u with metrics-based definitions of success is usually one that only has a surface-level understanding of the purpose of design. This makes them something you should probably avoid.

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4.) Companies that lack transparency

Transparency is essential not just for building trust, but also for ensuring that the agency does not do anything that potentially compromises your brand.

One common issue many organizations face when dealing with agencies is the rampant use of unqualified subcontractors to do much of the work. While subcontracting isn’t wrong in itself, there is often an elevated risk of subcontractors not turning in the quality of work that’s expected simply because the process of subcontracting introduces communications gaps that have to be thoroughly addressed.

Another reason to demand transparency is so that it’s clear that no unethical practices are involved in the production of your design assets, which can ruin the brand. For instance, some larger organizations today are under fire for questionable practices involving the compensation and working conditions of graphic design and animation subcontractors.


Using a digital design company is often necessary for smaller businesses that need to make the most of a small budget. However, with the many risks that come with choosing the wrong digital design company, it is important to know which ones to avoid. Check out 500 Designs for top-notch digital design services today.

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