The Best .155 Trimmer Line

Which .155 Trimmer Line to Buy

Other than a lawn irrigation system, weed eaters are one of the most efficient tools for gardening or for anyone who wants to keep their yard neat and clean. However, no matter how handy these gadgets can be, they will also refuse to function if not equipped with the right trimmer line. Likewise, there is also a specific trimmer size for your weed eater.

Often, if you have a thinner line, it will also struggle in pushing heavier bushes. Thicker strings are the best option for trimming heavy weeds, mainly because they don’t easily break. The 0.155 size quickly falls within the category, making it the perfect line for serious work such as taming thin woody brush.

However, in a world filled with so many options, the last thing you want is to end up with a defective line. For this specific reason, here are 11 of the best .155 trimmer lines

Oregon 22-855 String Trimmer Line

If you’re looking for long-lasting gardening tools with the power of a horse to make sure it gets the job done, then the Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line should set things straight! It meets the standards necessary for heavy-duty commercial landscaping. With a perfectly versatile rope, it makes it easy for people to fit in with their trimming machine of choice.

Additionally, the line is made of dual Polymer reinforced with Aramid fiber. It makes it very durable, capable, and durable in trimming through those overgrown bushes you might find in your garden. What’s more, it has a length of 251 feet (76.5 m) – long enough to make sure you get all your stressful and complicated projects done.

Cyclone .155-inch-by-315-foot Commercial Trimmer Line

If you seek the best trimmer available on the market, you will never go wrong with choosing Cyclone CY155S3. This proprietary-grade trimmer line measures a diameter of .155 inches, making it perfect for thick weeded areas. Made with copolymer nylon that is reinforced, manufacturers designed this trimmer line to slash through shrubbery and weeds with ease.

No matter the size of your yard-small, medium, or large-the Cyclone CY155S3 can handle it. Not only does it hold exceptionally well as time passes, but it’s also capable of cutting through feet of weeds without adding any damage at the sides.

Vortex Commercial Trimmer Line .155

The Dessert Vortex trimmer line makes sure to set the quality standard commercial grades. The patented line also features a spiral design in a unique form that provides many performance advantages. It has low drag aerodynamics that offers a line that decreases drag dramatically, which contributes to higher rpm in the engine, resulting in greater power on impact.

Another benefit that Vortex provides is a significant decrease in noise levels. It also has no line flutter, decreases vibration, tempered cutting edges, and removes line fray or split. Yes, virtually speaking, Vortex cuts better. The proprietary nylons for its production also mean that Vortex is one of the most long-lasting trimmer lines ever made.

Craftsman .155 High Wheel Trimmer Line

The Craftsman.155 High Wheel Trimmer Line comes in red in a spiral shape. Its shape makes it an extremely high-power line capable of quickly trimming heavy and thick grass and weeds. Manufacturers designed the Craftsman for high-wheel trimmers. The form also minimizes the string trimmer’s noise and vibration, making it perfect for use in areas with high noise restrictions.

Additionally, the shape also adds up to its durability. A user once mentioned that this line is better than the square one with an extra string trimmer. It is tough and durable as a trimmer line recommended by professionals for trimming jobs when using a wheeled trimmer.

MTD .155-inch Wheeled String Trimmer

If you aim to make your outdoor power equipment do more and last longer, you will want these MTD authentic parts, attachments, and accessories. The manufacturers aim to provide you with varied snow-friendly and top-quality products that will make sure to get your equipment through the toughest of weather.

Compatible with several major brands along with more than fifty years of proven performance, MTD has a cutting-edge reputation for providing extensive engineering expertise and product innovations. Yes, it sounds fancy, but that’s because it also brings out fancy results! With easy-to-follow directions and extra tips, it will make sure to get the job done right in no time.

You will find several 0.155 trimmer lines on the market, but you can find the best on the list above, and that’s a guarantee. Moreover, you can easily decide which one is perfect for your next project, from the features to its pros and cons. Always make sure to get your money’s worth by spending on the one that suits you the best. Check it out now and get yourself the best results.

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