What to Do On a Rainy Day in Toronto

What to Do On a Rainy Day in Toronto

When you take a trip to Toronto, there are no guarantees there’ll be sunny weather. But there are plenty of activities to keep you amused on your vacation to the Ontario capital city – whatever the weather.

Art and culture

If you are the type that likes to indulge in some culture on your vacation, why not jump in a taxi and head to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Upcoming exhibitions in 2020 include Picasso: Painting the Blue Period, Diane Arbus: Photographs, 1956–1971 and Illusions: The Art of Magic.

The gallery’s own collection includes over 90,000 works covering everything from contemporary art to European masterpieces. You can view works by established and emerging names including Indigenous artists from Canada.

There is even an African art collection containing works completed by artists from the south of the Sahara Desert during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Another option is the Royal Ontario Museum with its impressive collection of cultural and historic artifacts. Alongside the fixed exhibitions charting the history of the world from the dinosaurs through to the present day, the museum also has a schedule of temporary exhibitions and events. In the summer, the venue even hosts party nights with live DJs, food, and drinks.

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Casinos and gaming

Gaming options in Toronto are vast with Virtual Reality (VR) arcades such as the excellent VRPlayin and Level-up justify, board game cafes such as the Time Capsule and Board Game Bliss, and physical and online casino options. There are four main casinos in the city featuring more than 3,000 slots and dozens of table games. There are also plenty of online casino options available for those living in and visiting the city, and you can follow this link for the best casino bonus offers in Canada.

One of the best places to play traditional board games is Board Game Bliss. You can bring your own drinks and snacks, choose from hundreds of games to play, and put the $5 cover charge towards any game purchase. For retro video gaming, head to Pixels and Pints or The Rec Room, where you can hang out, drink beer, and play all of your old console favorites such as Street Fighter and Goldeneye.

Time to pamper yourself

There is nothing like a spa to pass away a rainy day, and Toronto has plenty of options including the Bahn Thai Spa on Adelaide Street, Healthwinds on Mount Pleasant Road, and the Habibi Day Spa on Yonge Street which is great for facials, threading, and waxing.

If that’s not enough to keep you going, Toronto also features indoor golf justifies, bubble soccer, karting, karaoke bars, aquariums, escape rooms, and plenty more museums and art galleries to keep you amused. Public transport in the city is excellent and taxi prices are reasonable. You can even take a water taxi to get to and from destinations in the recently revamped Toronto Waterfront area.

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