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What is the best CRM for sales? Ticks to Win More Deals

Sometimes the salespeople are unable to manage their time properly and fail to close sales deals. Failing to recognize the potential of a CRM tool, costs salespeople valuable leads that are lost to other companies. Every department in any organization has a distinct process and salespeople are often reluctant to perform these daily tasks as they find it quite monotonous.

Whereas, creative salespeople become more productive by assigning the tasks to online customer relationship management software and focus primarily on generating revenue. Here we present a few important CRM hacks that salespeople can take full advantage of to win more deals successfully.

1. Target Only on Those Deals That Requires Your Attention

A sales pipeline has the ability to draw a detailed picture of your deals by dividing them into proper stages to search where the revenue actually lies. Also, you can find a wide number of deals simply entering and leaving your sales pipeline. Ensure that you eliminate the confusion led by the deals blocking your sales pipeline.

A good CRM system has a default view for every user which lets them put more focus wherever needed. It is highly significant to view your deals by each stage, tackle bottlenecks, and keep on moving. There are several icons that help you to take appropriate action to win deals quickly and enhance the overall sales performance.

2. Sales Pipeline Gets Filled Automatically with New Deals

Salespeople usually work hard to obtain sales leads instead of their regular administrative work. So, automating the entire process of creating deals minimizes the hard work and helps you to follow up with your opportunities.

Sales representatives need not perform administrative tasks manually such as creating deals and converting them to contacts. Instead, they can use this time to speak with more leads in the sales funnel. After leads get qualified, they can be added to the sales pipeline. You can take a look on your pipeline in detail such as revenue forecasted, close date, and more in order to manage opportunities effectively.

3. Easy to Add Files and No Need to Look for Them Anymore

Research shows that on average, a sales representative spends 4 hours a week looking for documents to send to prospects. Searching for important files can consume a lot of time. With online customer relationship management software, it is easier for you to upload a file online and share it with other team members. Easily attach files to a record and email anybody from the stored files. Also, you can attach files to the record by utilizing Dropbox or Google Drive by pasting the URL link.

4. Gather Granular Insights from CRM Software

A CRM platform like SutiCRM helps you to monitor leads, analyze data, and provides you with the complete visibility to make it easier for you to sell better. The customizable dashboards and reporting help you to streamline the sales process at each and every stage. CRM software can also manage data based on your sales activities so that you can use your time efficiently.

5. Signing Process Made Easy

By now we all are aware of how manual paperwork can slow down the process of closing a deal. It is important to keep in mind that documents can be accessed from any smart device so the signer can sign documents on the fly. With mobile-friendly online contract management software, contracts or documents can be signed electronically, saving efforts and valuable time along with bundles of paper.

Working together with prospects while closing a deal is also helpful and ensures that, they completely agree with your terms and conditions. This eliminates any kind of error when the final contract is compiled and is ready to get signed when sent to the signer.

6. Leverage Automated CRM Software

Manual procedures can be quite error-prone and time-consuming. Automating CRM software can eliminate such obstruction by creating smarter schedules, collecting relevant data, and importing data.

According to a survey by IBM, user-friendliness is the primary feature in a CRM system that users want. In user-friendly CRM systems, the user can sort and group information in many ways, making it easier to gather thoughts and work through tasks. Sales representatives can find everything easily from notes to emails based on their conversation. This gives a clear view of the sales process, thus enabling users to recognize their drawbacks and strengths.

Thus, by properly using the CRM software, salespeople can increase their efficiency and grow their business sales manifold.


Emma James is a freelance content writer at SutiCRM, who frequently blogs on Business, Marketing, Sales, ERP and SaaS trends.

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