What is respect in relationships?

What is Respect in Relationships?

Love and respect are two aspects of a relationship without which harmony and happiness are impossible. Moreover, these two elements are closely interconnected. In other words, it is impossible to love a person without showing respect. But people not always deeply respect each other even in marriage. And if you still doubt the intentions and attitude of your partner towards you, then look at these 7 signs that your soulmate really respects you.

1. Loves but not pushes

To show love means not to push a partner to the limit and not to demand minute reports, constant attention, and signs of love. This is often the behavior of people who fear that they will be left alone. They are frightened by the fear of loneliness, and therefore, by their over-protection of their partners, they ruin relationships.

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2. Shows proper communication

To find a good woman for marriage, you should also pay attention to how she communicates. Insults, offensive words – a person will never forget all this, even if the conflict is resolved. If your loved one tries to convey to you what she is feeling at the moment, does it without anger, and doesn’t try to offend or upset you, and most importantly, voices the reason why she has bad feelings, then your woman respects you and is afraid of losing you.

3. Tries to control facial expressions and intonations

Learning to tell loved ones about how you feel is not enough; it’s important to do it in the right tone! Respectful people properly watch their own facial expressions and intonations. After all, they can say absolutely correct and competent things, but at the same time, scorn their lips contemptuously, sigh frantically, and make all the speeches in an irritated tone. Such an attitude towards a soulmate can’t go unnoticed.

4. Speaks openly

To correctly show love for loved ones, people learn to speak openly and directly about their feelings, about what they are experiencing and what they want. Men often simply don’t understand the long female conversations. If a woman is really confident in herself and respects her man, then she will not hint but say directly what she wants and expects from her loved one.

5. Says thank you

Women often take all the partner’s efforts for granted. Men need and want to hear that their efforts are appreciated. For some reason, it’s sometimes easier for many women to say thank you to a stranger and say nothing to the closest and dearest person. So, if a lady doesn’t neglect the simple but such important words like “Thank you” or “I’m so grateful” and pronounces it from the heart and soul, then she respects her man. Everyone will be really pleased to hear this.

6. Listens and hears

If your loved one listens to what you are trying to explain, then she respects you. If she doesn’t miss the stories about your work and friends, listens to your desires with great pleasure and reckon with your interests, is ready to support, and shows attention, then this is a clear sign that your relationship is strong and healthy. And most importantly, you are respected.

7. Gives attention

Attention is a demonstration of love to a soulmate. Constant care is one of the components of a harmonious relationship. It can take completely different forms: for example, a woman supports her man in all endeavors, tries to be affectionate and welcoming, especially when he comes home from work. Attention is also manifested in health care, communication, pleasant surprises – in everything that lovers do for each other. However, excessive attention can only alienate spouses from each other. And a respectful woman understands it

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