What do i need to travel to Canada?

Canada is one of the best places to travel from the world wide. Canada is famous for its hockey, maple syrup, and brutally cold winters. There are four seasons in Canada e.g. spring, summer, fall, and winter. Weather is different in different parts of Canada but you can enjoy all the weather and live happily.

Canada Travel Information: What do i need to travel to Canada?

Tourist Visa:

If you can easily check out this official list by our government website where you need entry requirements by country.


Before you can check all the things you have an original passport or some sort of government ID from your home country. e.g. driver’s license. Some of the hotels will ask for ID to enter in there premises so you can carry with you all the time.

Money Options:

You can carry with your money or as a credit card is the simplest way to pay for things in Canada. Most of the businesses here accept them. Important: Visa or MasterCard is mostly accepted. American Express is also taken by some of the business. Anything else is rarely accepted. With regards to cash, bring around CAD$20 per day with you. Also nowadays all the banking and mobile app payment options are available for you.


In Canada, there are two main languages are people speak first one is English and second on French. In all the working places and others. In Quebec city, most people speak the french language. so it’s easy to communicate with local people and understand their culture.

Travel insurance:

While traveling to all the country like Canada you must require travel insurance for you and your family. For unexpected emergencies. Essentially covering yourself against travel risks.

Clothing: Canada weather is always surprising. check the temperature before traveling. Make sure do you have enough clothes for all type of season. if outside is cold or hot you have to wear clothes related to the atmosphere.

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On the basis of your preference and purpose of visiting Canada, the visa categories are as follows:

  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Temporary Residency Visa

Canada is a very beautiful country, but before you enter the country you should know below important things:

  • Plan Your Trip: Most of the make a little planning and research before traveling to Canada. You should also do which will help you lots while traveling.
  • Determine Your Eligibility: To visit Canada, you need to meet some requirements according to the Government of Canada, Immigration, and Citizenship. You need to get a visitor visa to visit Canada. If you have already a visa then you can easily plan a trip but if you don’t have then you should take it before traveling.
  • Choose Destinations: Canada is famous for its adventure and scenic travel, but there is a wide range of destinations to suit any interest. You have to decide where you want to go in which place first and which one is second and third. which is easy for you to move one city to another city.


There is a two-step process: Online process and Offline process. In the online process, you can easily apply online on CIC website by filling up forms. With uploading supporting documents and paying online fees. Within a few weeks, CIC will evaluate your application details and make a decision. If your visa is approved, they will inform you to submit your passport to VAC for visa stamping. The stamping process will take up to 4-10 business days. offline you should process the same with all the documents submit in office and wait for approval.

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