What are the benefits of hospital bed mattress

What are the benefits of hospital bed mattress?

Hospital bed mattresses are essential for patients who are bedridden as they offer innumerable benefits over regular beds. A hospital bed mattress can maximize patient comfort who is using it for extended periods. Moreover, hospital bed mattresses are easily customizable, making them comfortably adjust to patients’ requirements and specific parts of the beds. Hospital bed mattresses are typically six inches thick and can be found in hospitals as well as in-home settings for the support and comfort of patients and loved ones.

The hospital bed mattress manufacturers customize the mattresses according to the patients’ individual requirements; hence, they boast plenty of benefits. In this post, we will discus7s the prominent advantages of using a hospital bed mattress.

#1 Comes in a selection of lengths and forms

Hospital bed mattresses come in different sizes to accommodate users of various heights. Moreover, there are bariatric mattresses for patients who are overweight. Depending on a distinct medical condition, patients are prescribed one of the many forms of hospital bed mattresses that include gel, water, air, foam, and spring. Moreover, hospital bed mattresses are sub-categorized as lateral rotation, altering the pressure, low air loss, bariatric, and foam. All the different types serve a distinct purpose while ensuring maximum support and comfort to patients.

#2 Temperature sensitive

The materials used for manufacturing hospital bed mattress are temperature sensitive. This allows the mattress to adjust itself to the patient’s body weight and heat. When the temperature increases, the mattress becomes softer, providing a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, there are breathable air pockets in the mattresses that ensure that only the required amount of heat is trapped in the mattress, preventing the patient from overheating.

#3 Pressure point relief

Hospital bed mattresses come with plenty of health benefits that include relieving soreness, body aches, and pain. The mattress does this by selectively distributing pressure along the length of the patient’s body. The temperature of the pressure points is higher than the rest of the body. This is the human body’s biological and natural pain coping mechanism. So, by contouring itself as per the temperature of the pressure points of the body, the hospital bed mattress helps the body recover quickly.

#4 Support back alignment

The hospital bed mattresses are designed to support each part of the body individually and evenly by spreading the patient’s weight throughout the surface. The mattress contours to the body’s curves, assisting the lower back while allowing your spinal cord to stay in a neutral position. This feature ensures the patient’s maximum comfort.

#5 Prevent pain

Patients who have fibromyalgia and arthritis will find great relief from pain after using a hospital bed mattress. These mattresses contour to the body and support the correct ligament while not placing added pressure on sensitive areas. Thus, the patient’s body can experience optimal comfort minimizing the existing pain and preventing any future injuries.

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#6 Accommodate different sleeping positions

Whether the patient enjoys sleeping on the side, stomach, or back, a hospital bed air mattress is designed to accommodate any design.

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