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Visa Subclass 186

186 visa Australia is also known as Employer Nomination Scheme visa (ENS). It is considered to be a work visa basically for those skilled workers whose intention is to work in Australia. This type of visa is also utilized by employers for searching for talent internationally for their company. The initial step comprised of worker nomination by the employer of Australia for an eligible occupation. The next step comprised of application of Visa Subclass 186 as per the three streams.

Three streams of application

There exist three processes in which an individual could receive a 186 visa.

TRT (Temporary Residence Transition) 186 visa stream

An individual could get assist of the TRT stream if the employer supports that person for PR (Permanent Residence) in Australia. If the person holds TSS (temporary Skills Shortage) visa, subclass 482 visa, subclass 457 visa temporary work skilled visa or a bridging visa then only a TRT visa could be received. It is also necessary for that person to serve the employer for a specific time period on a full-time basis while having a subclass visa or TSS visa. This must be done in the same occupation for which the person is nominated before the nomination making. It is not needed to agonize if any person fails to qualify in a stream of TRT as there is another stream too.

Direct Entry 186 visa stream

Even if any person fails to work in Australia for the specific time length for the employer as a TRT stream qualification, still they could apply for ENS visa by the stream of Direct entry. Here, the employer is required to nominate that person for the mentioned stream despite the scarcity of requirements in service length.

Labor Agreement 186 visa stream

An individual could get benefits from this stream when the employer chooses that person for personal residency in Australia and has proceeded into a contract with the Australian government via the Home Affairs Department. This sort of arrangement between business and government permits the employer to select skilled employed internationally provided that there is an emergency for employees which the labor market fails to provide.

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How to get qualify For 186 visa?

The acquiring of a visa of ENS type is a process of two steps so the requirements are also too tired. There exist a single set of basic requirement regarding the application and there exists another set for the sponsor. After completion of the basic requirements for both sponsors and applicants, the Department of Home Affairs proceeded to catalog more requirements based on the stream of application the person is qualified for. There exist a requirement list particularly for the stream of TRT only. There exist another list too for the stream of Direct entry and for stream for labor agreement too.

  • General requirements for primary applicants of 186 visa
  • The person must be nominated by the Australian employer within half a year before the application of the file.
  • The individual must have the required experiences of work, qualification, and skills for the job that the person is nominated for.
  • The person must not be older than 44 years at the lodgment time.

General requirements for sponsors of 186 visa

The employer must look after it that the remuneration offered to the individual must comply with the rate of the market in Australia. This implies that the salary offered to that individual must be similar to that of the citizen of Australia regarding a similar job and similar location.

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