Video marketing trend in 2019

Video Marketing Trend in 2021

Video marketing has dominated a lot since 2017 and there’s absolutely no reason to that that it’s going to change in 2019. As we are closing in on the next decade of our lives, about 86% of marketers are using the video content to advertise, educate and even entertain the people.

New formats are on the rise and continue to bolster the video as an increasingly effective and engaging medium. It is a business which you can’t stay away from or even afford to miss out.

Here are some of the top video marketing/advertising tends which you can have your hands on in the near future.

Shorter Video Ads

The abundance of video content which we have today creates an endless amount of competition for the advertisers. Customers who have the ability to watch virtually anything are going to watch an ad if it is relevant, attention-grabbing and even valuables.

As such, the amount of time people spends watching the ads has declined a lot across every medium. Quite similarly, the trends are leading brands to test the short video ads who aim to eliminate the concept of skip button for once and all.

The short bumper ads also present a very creative challenge for the marketers who must tell a brand story in a matter of a few seconds. The whole format calls for the impactful content which is going to induce an immediate emotional response from a viewer.

Mobile First Advertising

Mobile phones are used more than computers and laptops and have become ubiquitous. Marketers are well aware and introduced that the consumers now rely totally on their smartphones for shopping, news, and a lot of other media.

As such, the forward-thinking brands who do exist, have actually worked to make their websites, ads or even services mobile friendly. This kind of user experience is quite critical during a time when nearly half of our lives are dependent on our smartphones.


Cinemographs are a totally new form of digital art which is gaining a lot of popularity online. These photo or video hybrids come with a subtle motion which plays in a seamless loop while the rest of the image stays still.

It creates a beautiful effect and is a visual effect which creates the illusion that you are watching an animation. The end result of this type of media always creates an alluring image which creates the attention of the viewers.

These are made from the high-end cameras and also a post-production tools which is used to composite a series of photos or video recordings. This kind of concept became popular a few years ago and now the marketers are aware that this concept is going to sell and make them profits in the long run.

Facebook in-stream ads

The in-stream ads now allow the advertisers to place about 15-second videos directly within live and even on-demand videos on mobile devices. These mid-roll ads can also be optimized for the video views, brand awareness, and even engagement, of course.

This feature has also proven to be extremely effective and 70% of ads are watched to completion. In-stream ads also are non-skippable and maintain an average on-target rate of 89%. This has made them very popular for tapping into Facebook’s daily average of 8 billion video views.

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