In-Vehicle Tech Gadgets Trending In Todays Latest Car Models

In-Vehicle Tech Gadgets Trending In Today’s Latest Car Models

A report by Zion Market Research shows that the global automotive accessories market value was $360.8 billion in 2016 and will reach over $519 billion in 2022, according to Globe Newswire. Vehicle accessories play a significant role in improving the car’s performance and simplifying maintenance. Depending on your personality and specific requirements, you can invest in any accessory from a light module tuning to solar-powered HVAC systems, gas and oil additives, and vision products. If you’ve experienced the phenomenal ways technology has made people’s travel easy, you’ll probably want to splurge on the latest in-vehicle tech gadgets.

Gadgets Suitable for New Cars

Naturally, buying a new automobile involves many considerations. Your top priority is to ensure you get good value for your money. Therefore, you’ll need to focus on finding reliable and quality cars. You can accomplish this goal by reviewing dependability scores collected from long-term car owners. Based on consumer reports, you can quickly identify a vehicle that has a variety of in-built devices that enhance your driving experience.

However, some models may not come with standard wireless charging mounts, Alexa-enabled charger, navigation receivers, night visions, lane departure warnings systems, or Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicle-vehicle communication. Fortunately, you can purchase these must-have gadgets at your dealership and install them to enhance your car’s safety and comfort.

Tech Accessories to Upgrade Your Old Vehicle

The good news about most advanced tech devices new vehicles have can be installed in any car even if it’s old. A dashcam, for example, is one of the coolest gadgets that fit in older automobile versions. While this device might not offer physical protection, it enhances road safety. The footage captured from the moment you start driving comes in handy when determining who was at fault during a car accident.

Another device worth buying is the tire pressure monitoring system. It will optimize your car’s tire pressure and give real-time data to help you reduce fuel consumption and avoid accidents. Other in-car gadgets you should consider purchasing for your current vehicle include jump starter, radar detectors, USB car charger, GPS tracker, Bluetooth receiver, parking sensors, key trackers, and Bluetooth adapter to mention a few.

Although infotainment systems are standard in the latest models, you can install them in an older car version. The key is to find Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems you can plug into an old vehicle. Alternatively, you can purchase an ion cassette Bluetooth adapter to replace the conventional in-vehicle entertainment system.

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