Things to take care while traveling in summer with your pet

Things to take care while traveling in summer with your pet

Taking your dog out on vacation is such a pleasurable concept. The thought of enjoying the summer in a new location with your best friend cannot get any better. However, taking your pet out of your home may not be as pleasant as you presume. For one, the pet is introduced to new stimuli, which can induce stress and cause major anxiety. Other than that, there is a lot that goes into caring for a pet when traveling.

Most pet owners are never well prepared for traveling with pets. Other than your standard travel arrangements, there is a lot more to consider when your pet is involved. If you want to ensure your traveling experience is both fun and safe, here are some things you must take care of before you leave:

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Bring your own food

You cannot go assuming that you will bounce across your dog’s favorite food. Different places have different plans, policies, and regulations for pets. In that case, you may be clueless about where to find the best wet dog food in a foreign place. So, to be safe, be sure to pack your dog food in your traveling kit.

Crating your pet

Using the crate is not fun for either the pet owner or the pet. For the owner, it means going through hours of training to get the pet readied for crating during travel. For pets, it feels like a prison, especially if it is their first time. It is worst if your pet has had prior traumatic experience with crates. However, crating is the best way to travel with your pet. It ensures your dog stays put throughout the trip. It is also a requirement if you are traveling by certain means of transport, including airplanes.

See your vet before you go

A vet is better placed at examining the overall health of your dog. You must get clearance from your vet about the medical state of your dog. Besides, you need a health certificate for your pet, dated up to 10 days before you travel. This helps confirm that your pet is in good health before you bring him to a new place. You will also need to gather some tips from your vet. This can help you learn about how to deal with your dog in a new environment.

Social Training

This is perhaps the most important of the things you must take care of before you leave. The way your dog responds to strangers and new environments might shock you. The last thing you want is to create a scene in a foreign place. Train your dog on how to respond to strangers and new stimuli. For example, where does your dog sit when you are at a restaurant? How does he behave when there’s a doorbell ring? The more details you cover during the training, the better you can expect your dog to behave in public.

Carry Toys

You cannot always be shopping for new toys every time you visit a new place. Make a habit of carrying your dog’s toy at the back of the car. If you are flying to your destination, then pack one or two toys in your luggage. The idea is to ensure your pet remains distracted during the trip. This will help him remain calm since it is a great way to break the nerves.

Have a dog collar in position

A dog collar is the easiest way to track a dog. The ID on his collar will help you identify him, should you part ways. Make sure the collar has a GPS tracker, or else microchip your pet. This is a precautionary measure in the event your pet gets lost in a foreign place.

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