Remote Jobs for People Who Travel and Live in a Van

Travel and Lifestyle: Ways to Earn Money While Living in a Van

For certified adventurers, travellers, and free spirits, living a nomadic lifestyle seems to be one of the best life goals to achieve. Being able to explore new places and live and work anywhere is a dream. One of the simplest ways to live a nomadic life is to get a van and make it your home. It doesn’t have to be a specifically designed camper van. Almost any kind of van can get you to live on the road.

Converting a van and driving up to different cities every day can be fun and thrilling. You get to see different stunning views every morning and see stars at night from different locations. But just like any other lifestyle, you need money to sustain it. You can’t expect your savings not to wither from long months or years of travel. Keep reading to learn how you can earn money while living and travelling in your van.

1. Use your degree to teach

If you are an expert in your field, working as an online tutor for students is one way to earn money. Many tutoring companies are hiring degree holders of different areas that they can connect with young students. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional teacher or professor. You just need to show expertise in your field. If you want a higher-paying tutoring class or want to teach university students, working your way to the postgraduate level will give you the edge.

For instance, there are tons of educational institutions today that offer online MBA programs for business degree holders. Taking such post-graduate classes can help you become more qualified to teach major subjects like finance, marketing, or even business laws. If you’re in the creative field, outputs and portfolios are the top things you need. You can teach design studies, arts and crafts, music and dance, imaginative or creative writing, or photography and cinematics.

2. Become a freelance writer

Writing isn’t only profitable in tutoring. You can also become a freelance writer yourself. Hands down, this is an amazing job to do while travelling. Depending on the type of writing job and company, you can earn money without professional experience. You just need some good marketing skills too. In freelance writing, there are two major routes you can take. The first one is content writing, which is primarily about producing blogs for business websites and search engines. The second option is copywriting, which is more about creating sales using plenty of persuasions. Again, you can take writing classes to improve your credentials and get a better-paying job. But don’t hesitate to start even if you’re still a mediocre writer. You need the experience.

3. Look for seasonal work

This tip might seem broad, but it’s your best bet if you’re frequently driving from one town to another. Seasonal work has always financed the nomadic lifestyle. Travellers take these job opportunities not just to earn money but to also broaden their knowledge and skills. In short, you become more versatile. Seasonal jobs usually last about a few weeks or months. The most common industries that offer plenty of seasonal work opportunities include tourism, hospitality, agriculture, and food. You can work on farms, pick fruits, be a counsellor or staff at summer camps, or work as a package or food delivery driver. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals. As a bonus, doing different jobs as you travel can help you learn more about the place and the people. Who knows, you might meet lifelong friends too!

4. Sell stuff

There’s a myriad of things you can sell online. If you have the creativity or artistic flair in you, you can sell all kinds of handmade goods. You can make handmade jewelry, art decor, bath products, candles, paintings, printed poems, or different sewn items. You can also sell belongings that you’re not using anymore and free up space in your van. There are many places online where you can list and sell your products, such as Etsy, Art Fire, and Handmade at Amazon. Or, since you’re travelling, you can use your van as a rolling store. You can participate in bazaars, craft fairs, or local events that allow travelling artisans to sell their products.

Living in a van is perfect for people who want more freedom to explore and travel while saving more money. But while this lifestyle offers great freedom, keep in mind that earning money is still critical. It’s the only way to sustain your nomadic lifestyle, after all. Be sure to consider our tips here and try to create multiple streams of income.

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