Top 5 Advantages of Having a Minimalistic Logo

Top 5 Advantages of Having a Minimalistic Logo

For any brand or company, their logo it’s the face that represents them, and, usually, the first thing a potential client will see. This way, it’s important to make it the best logo possible, even though sometimes it is hard to understand that a logo says more than it looks at first, be with its design, its shapes, or with its colors. It can pass to the client a first impression of what the brand might be, although it doesn’t define it, it creates curiosity.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when creating a logo, but the essential is to measure your choices and think about something in which people will associate with your brand, something that will easily be recognized – it doesn’t have to be too much, as that can create confusion! Click here if you want some help in creating the perfect logo design for your brand.

The main purposes of a logo are to identify something you’ve created, usually your brand, but they also have to reach your audience and be recognized by their simplicity, and authenticity. This is the reason why so many famous brands decide to take the road of minimalism, as they are easily memorable, and certainly ready to grab space in everyone’s mind. That’s why I’m here today to tell you more about it, as well as 5 benefits of going with a minimalistic logo. Let’s find out more!

1. Simply Impressive

It’s a scientific fact – even though our memory is something incredible, it’s not breaking news that it’s easier to remember something simpler than things with too much detail. For example, a pin with 4 numbers is quicker to remember than one with 21. Minimalistic logos have the same effect on people, and brands that keep their communication clear and unique will achieve a longer stay on people’s minds.

The impressive thing about this technique is that it lets you be extremely precise in your message. With something so easy, but capable of passing what you are and the services you can provide your future clients, you can create a sentiment of confidence between the two parts.

2. Less is More

Throughout the years, many brands that are so dear to us right now had to pass through a lot of changes until being able to reach the beloved result. However, even though these companies were capable of keeping their popularity, going for a minimalistic idea from the beginning can be the best launch for your idea, so think of something that will create curiosity and call out new clients.

Every day, we see more and more names taking the option of becoming less, and removing non-important details, even though this is no innovation or trend in the design world. But how did all of this start? Since the 1960s, it has been a solution among many arts, and design is no different, as it adds the beauty of something simple to the profit it comes from it, ultimately creating a sea of opportunities to those who need to introduce their brand to the world. Focusing on colors, minimal traces, and showing off your brand’s name is the way to go and the most intelligent action of reaching your crowd. Less can be more and simplicity is surely one of the keys for success.

3. Strong Associations Are Good

The “M” in Mcdonald’s, The red “N” in Netflix, and even the bite of the apple, in Apple. These are examples of famous brands that throughout the years have made their changes into simpler versions, which we won’t forget for years to come. Small details are capable of completely transforming the concept of a brand, perhaps even smoothing the edges until a more manageable design comes to life. For example, colors are a great detail to take some advantage from, as they are a unique way to create symbolism. connect the brand to the client, and become an important part of what makes it memorable. Even the connection between two colors can be an essential point, even more if those two colors together bring out the complete logo in people’s minds. Be sure to use these little superpowers in your favor.

4. Make Your Logo a Piece of Clay

Minimalistic logos are like a piece of clay, mainly because you can mold them into the shape of what you want, in order to create and turn them into masterpieces. When you have a simple design representing your brand, you can use it to your advantage, making it possible to create advertising, commercials, and even social media content. It will be so much easier and more harmonious to mold it and use it without losing its essence, and without taking the risk of looking bad or pixelized. More people will see it, more people will feel curious about it, and just like that, a potential client/brand relation is created.

5. Competitors Don’t Stand a Chance

A lot of times we see brands with quite similar logos, making people feel confused on one side, and those brands losing some of their credibility on the other. The best way to fight this is taking the easiest road, creating your logo with simple details, and not putting too many features in it, otherwise, you will make it easier for others to steal your design, just by changing one or two details. With a minimalistic design, there’s no way someone will try and use it without being guilty of plagiarism. There’s hardly a downside to this solution, as your brand will be unique and memorable.

Final Piece of Advice

When building your brand and taking the first steps into designing your logo, there are so many questions coming to mind to make sure it won’t be a flop, and with some amazing designs already taken, you sometimes reach a creative block. However, one of the things to take in mind is to go for minimalistic pieces. The truth is that there are even more advantages to this design style, than the ones described here.

Everyone wants their creation to be memorable, to be recognized everywhere, and to make it big, but sometimes being “big” doesn’t mean having a lot going on there, but the creativity and what’s made with less, instead. If you are in doubt about what road to take, add this one to the map, it might lead you somewhere amazing! Thank you for reading.

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