Things to Know Before Buying Champagne

Things to Know Before Buying Champagne

Champagne in a joyous occasion makes your earring a bell of luxury and festivity, right? Nothing really beats this wine if it comes down to transforming one’s evening into a night of bubbly fun, leaving long lasting impressions.

Champagne, however, is also one of the most mysterious entities in the wine world wherein some lacks the right knowledge and understanding in terms of what to actually look for in a good bottle of Champagne.

With this said, here are the six key things to look for, and know to make sure you get the best Champagne star for your night of celebrations.

Not All that Sparkles is a Champagne

Many people tend to get confused between Sparkling wine and Champagne since they both look the same, mainly because of their bubbles. For that reason, it is essential that you should know the first fundamental thing about their differences.

Now, the fundamental knowledge about how you differentiate Champagne from sparkling wine is that sparkling wine can be only called Champagne is it is from its homeland—Champagne, France.

Champagne, France is the most well-respected region of France wherein champagnes are grown in Grand Cru vineyards that are found at the top three areas of Champagne, namely: Cote des Blancs, Vallee de la Marne, and Montagne de Reims.

If you have read or if you still do not know, the soil plays an essential role in the growth and making of grapes. Concerning this, the soils of the regions, as mentioned earlier of Champagne, are vital since it is filled with mineral and chalky soil, which adds the unique character of the Champagne.

Also, Champagne has gone through a unique method called “methode champenoise.” The said method starts with an initial fermentation wherein the wine begins without the famous bubbles. The second fermentation is the forming of the bubbles wherein the bottle will be added with “liqueur de tirage,” which means sugar and yeast.

After all the fermentation, the bottles are then stored horizontally and riddling, which is the turning of the bottle slightly that is done daily. This process makes the texture and the flavor from lees, or the dead yeast.

Then, at the end of the champagne making process, disgorgement will take place. Meaning, the extra yeast will be removed from the wine.

There are Different Types of Champagne

You may not really see or know the difference, especially if your knowledge of wines is lacking. However, different grape varieties are used in making champagne, which determines the color and flavor profile of the said wine.

The grapes that are commonly used are Chardonnay, pinot meunier, and pinot noir. In relation to this, is that most champagnes are a relatively even mixture of the said grape varietals. Now, the Champagne that is entirely made out of Chardonnay is considered as the Blanc de Blancs, and on the other hand, a champagne that is solely made out of pinot noir is Blanc de Noir.

Now, depending on the percentage of the grape used, the Champagne will exhibit different distinct flavor profiles. For instance, champagnes that feature a large portion of Chardonnay tend to have more elegance and finesse to its taste, while the Pinot Meunier is more of rustic play.

Vintage Champagne is a Great Choice for Special Occasions or Gift

It is not a surprise that Champagnes are a great choice as a gift and especially during special occasions. However, if you want to exuberate luxury and exceptionally precious wine for a grand event, you might want to opt for vintage champagnes.

Technically speaking, vintage champagnes like from Dom Perignon wines tend to be more expensive than non-vintage champagnes, but it is definitely worth the price. Especially that special occasions come by rarely in one’s lifetime.

The vintage champagnes differ in the non-vintage ones since there needs to be an excellent quality of harvest for each specified year that vintage champagnes should be produced. With this said, the vintage champagnes must be aged for a minimum of four years, which lends them more character and more delicate bubbles.

A Great Champagne Wine Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!

Since Champagnes are linked with luxury, abundance, and expensiveness, people think that it is just really a drink for the royalties. But guess what! You really do not need to have expensive champagne to have a great toast on a special occasion.

If you look and learn more about wines, some wines are inexpensive and can be an alternative for Champagne that still delivers exceptional quality and character. Grower champagne is one of these and comes in a variety of prices which have advantages that more well-known champagnes lack. Interesting, right?


Champagnes are indeed the bijou of the people who are wine enthusiasts. Not only to them but also to the people who love drinking wine during a celebration or at any joyous occasion. With this said, hopefully, the information above has cleared up or has gained your knowledge about the said wine celebrity. Informing you well enough of the needed wine knowledge.

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