Get The Influencer Fashion Trends from The Instagram in 2020

Get The Influencer Fashion Trends from The Instagram in 2020

Yes, the fashion world is indeed up-and-coming, and it keeps on growing at a high pace. But, it is not entirely restricted to the fashion ramp walks and the retail boutiques. Things have taken an online turn, and now some of the major social media platforms are turning their niches towards the fashion world. One such social media channel with significant influence over the fashion world happens to be Instagram.

Now, people can scroll through pages of fashion models and designers over this platform and can get the fascinating ideas they want for the upcoming summer or spring months. These influencers are now playing the role of movers, tastemakers, and shakers of this current generation, and they are the ones who are inspiring the entire youngster crew. Therefore, it is time to go through some of the changes that these Instagram influencers have in store for you to cover the fashion world.

Starting with the “S” word:

It is time to take global warming quite seriously. Yes, people are responsible for everything happening to Mother Nature, but there are some influencers out there who are using this same platform to talk about sustainability in terms of fast fashion. Even though this trend can be seen in 2018 and 2019, respectively, but 2020 is all here to take it pretty seriously.

• Nowadays, most of the influencers are promoting sustainable brands. They are focusing on less shopping until you need it honestly.

• For example, let’s talk about the face behind Mereer7, Erna Lcon. She is here to share some of her useful tips on ways to create a capsule wardrobe, which can easily transcend into any possible season. She is also sharing some tips on the best sustainable fabrics to use and editing pieces of some old fabrics to create new ones.

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The iconic head to toe leather look:

Yet another exciting fashion trend which is taking the Instagram world by a storm, this leather head to toe look is something super easy to pull off and readily available in your closet for creating a final look. When you get the chance to check out the fall and winter collections of 2019, you can see this trend popping up everywhere. It has been a significant head-turner for the runways at that time and has influenced many fashion icons on Instagram.

The leather coverings have that extra textured look, which can elevate the entire style of the wearer and make it more interesting.

Sequin is in and here to stay:

Now, with the year reaching its middle portion, the holiday season is up and coming. So, why not try out the latest trends of sequined skirt trend, which is all over Instagram these days? You can either opt for the basic sequined skirt or can elevate your style and go a bit extra with a complete sequined dress. The choice is yours, and you should choose whichever one makes you happy and comfortable. Maybe with a fashion-forward profile, you might get Instagram followers more than what you have anticipated in the end!

The world of DIY is on the rise:

For some people, DIY fashion is nothing more than a meme, but that community is pretty small. These days, DIY fashion has been the latest trend to cover the whole of 2019 and is ready to set its foot in this year as well. Thanks to Instagram, some of the so many people are inspired to get their creative juices flowing and come up with new ideas daily.

If you are lucky enough, you might end up with many independent brands, which are brainchildren of so many individual artists. The more valuable the design gets, the higher be the like count on Instagram. With so many inspiring new influencers on Instagram, commoners are also trying hard to be a part of this DIY fashion community. A lot of them are succeeding as well. Some are even opening up their clothing line!

The trend from the 70s:

If you ask a style icon Katy Belotte, she is always up and living the 70s style, which is here to enter the world of 2020 fashion. It was just an assumption in the first, but later, the New York Fashion Week proved her right. Right now, it is not about 80s or 90s. It is about how Millenials are embracing the 70s style and how!

Some of the most promising styles, which seem to get more attention at this point, are bell sleeves, crochet, printed maxis, and satin slips. To be fair and square, trying to make the old-style new is not any revolutionary idea. However, this disco era is now making a significant comeback, and the growing community well appreciates it.

Ruffles for your spring fashion trend:

There is no need to go full-on ruffle with your new look, but a bit of ruffle can easily change your entire look for the betterment. It can be anything pretty simple like a ruffled hemline on any dress or a top, and this style can change your overall perception of it all. This style is meant for everyone and can complement everyday look quite well. This kind of style will not just help you to take picture-perfect pictures but can cover up any body shape and size. It is one camouflage style that you must want in your wardrobe.

Going for the summer trending accessories:

When you are done with the dress, it is time to move your attention towards the accessories. Well, the ankle wrap sandals are now in the news all over, and Instagram is full of it. This is one shoe trend, which revolves around the way you prefer to wear it. You can strap it over your pants for that new look.

Try out these 2021 fashion trends and start clicking some of your Instagram-ready pictures already! You will see a booming fan base in no time and can gain the portal you have always dreamt of.

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