The Impact of E-Commerce On the Beauty Industry

The Impact of E-Commerce On the Beauty Industry

There’s no question that e-commerce has had a great impact on the beauty industry. Aside from increasing sales and revenue, it has made significant changes in the industry. Many now prefer shopping online since there is great variety, and almost everything you need to know about the product is visible. The ease of shopping online has become a popular choice among the majority.

Many innovations and strategies have made it possible for the beauty industry to conquer e-commerce. This has allowed many to enjoy the benefits of online purchasing and have made life easier for many beauty enthusiasts. We can see this evinced through the following:

● Augmented Reality is becoming a great marketing strategy for cosmetics brands. This technology allows consumers to see how a certain product will look on them, and get a feel on how the product will match their skin type and complexion. Although this can be a costly and complex technology, many brands have no qualms about investing in it as they know it will drive a steady stream of customers.

● Youtube marketing has also driven many consumers to certain products by means of video tutorials and reviews. Ordinary people have gained a following with features and videos showcasing various makeup and self-care products. They can be so creative and artistic that consumers are propelled to buy the featured products to see if they can replicate those looks. Most of these videos are done independently but many manufacturers have taken ambassadors to help them market their products to the masses, and this has proven effective in driving up revenue. These videos are real and raw and the appeal of having ordinary people give out recommendations and reviews makes it relatable.

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● Beauty blogs and product reviews allow consumers to know more about certain cosmetics and beauty products by just clicking on a few links. The internet is filled with information about different cosmetics and the accessibility of this information is so simple. The internet has taken down obstacles that may hinder consumers from knowing more about certain brands before actually purchasing them. First-hand accounts from reviews and blogs add the elements of authenticity and significance to a product.

● Influencers bring in consumers through social media. The power of social media has been very beneficial to e-commerce marketing, Instagram in particular. Influencers have huge followings that allow them to sway and inspire their followers towards certain products and brands. This has benefitted the beauty industry e-commerce in such a great way. With this, relatively new and upcoming brands have relied on influencers to get the word out about their brand. The younger generation is all about social media image, which is why it is quite easier to establish a market among them.

● The advent of multi-brand and mass marketing platforms has also been advantageous for the beauty industry. The manufacturers are trying to meet the demand for variety when it comes to online shopping. Online multi-brand platforms give consumers the opportunity to browse and purchase different products of different brands. Some specialize in certain fields, such as Asian beauty products. To see an example of this, click here. This gives consumers the freedom to choose and rely on their preferences.

● It’s easier to find promos and discounts online and this is an edge for e-commerce. Truth is, online prices tend to be more affordable than retail prices, plus the possibility of stumbling upon deals and discounts are very likely. This increases online engagement which then can translate into sales. E-commerce has opened up doors for beauty that propelled the industry to the top even with the current situation.

Through the years, the beauty industry has progressed and developed more than any industry. E-commerce contributed greatly to this. E-commerce in beauty is thriving even with the existence of brick and mortar establishments. With this being the digital age, it only makes sense for brands to venture into e-commerce.

Beauty will always be valued and people always buy into the concept of self-care and wellness. This encompasses a lot of products; fragrances, makeup, hair products, skincare, etc. The growth of the beauty industry can be attributed to the way people have and will always value beauty and prestige. Even being a non-essential product, cosmetics will always be useful to anybody.

E-commerce does not only imply business, it offers an experience to consumers. The ease and enjoyment it offers to consumers can be unrivaled. This in itself explains how greatly e-commerce has impacted the beauty industry.

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