The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the utilization of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to create and build brand awareness.

An advertising agency uses various social media marketing tools together with social media platforms to make social media marketing even more effective. Some of the tools include social media scheduling tools, social media analytics tools, and social media advertising tools.

There is an estimate of over 3 billion online users. Nowadays, people can order anything online from the comfort of their homes, and get the goods delivered to them in a very short period. The goods range from restaurant food to clothes and even to industrial materials and products for the industrial and manufacturing firms.

Social media marketing has been on the rise and will continue to rise because of the very many advantages that accrue from its implementation in a company.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Increased brand awareness

Social media marketing is very cost-effective. It starts with you creating a social media profile for your business. Invite the most influential people such as the CEO, CFO, partners, and the employees to like the page and to share the page. Through page sharing, the number of people getting to interact and see the content of the business keeps multiplying.

Therefore, in no time, the business is known to millions of people, thanks to social media marketing. Ultimately, the business’s brand attains its recognition.

It is cost-effective

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of business advertising. This strategy involves signing and creating business profiles, which is free, on social media platforms.

Moreover, any additional paid promotions which are usually paid for are relatively cheap, in comparison with other marketing procedures.

That way, the return on investment for the business goes up, and any retained profits can be channeled to other business expenditures.

More incoming traffic

Without social media marketing, then your customers would only be restricted to the usual. There are businesses doing or providing the same service as you. However, because they have already created an online presence, they rank for the searches consumers make daily.

Therefore, establishing an online presence will allow you to rank too with online searches. That way you receive more traffic on your website.

You must understand that every social media profile is a gateway to your website, and each content you post on your profile is another chance to obtain new clientele. Therefore, more traffic results from social media marketing.

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Better customer satisfaction

The humanization feeling that results from the constant messaging and commenting are what customers like. The responses they receive for their messages and comments are what they prefer.

For every response given to a customer, it creates a great image in the customers’ eyes, that you are attentive to your visitors’ needs and that you target to giving the best experience.

Higher conversion rates

Social media platforms result in increased visibility of a company’s products. The visibility is an opportunity for conversion. Every post you make be it a blog, an image, or a video may direct viewers to your business website and intensify traffic.

Also, there is an aspect of humanization which results from the conversations that take place between the customers or the people with the business’s social media manager. People prefer to do business with actual people since they feel much more at ease than receiving automated responses.

Gain marketplace insights.

Social media marketing affords you the benefit of getting to know your customers better. By reviewing their comments and messages, you can tell what they like and what they prefer. That way you can implement in your products, and in the way you conduct your business.


Social media marketing is very advantageous, and any business that implements it is gaining more. Not only does it cause an increase in brand awareness, website traffic, customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, but it is also cost-effective and enables a business to gain more customer insights.

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