A Holistic and Innovative Approach to Draw and Sustain Traffic in Your Social Media Handle

Holistic Approach to Sustain Traffic in Your Social Media

The building or sustaining social media traffic is much akin to city-planning, where you have to master the art of getting traffic in and out of the metropolis. If a city’s roadways are different sources or outlets for website followers, your social media footprint should necessarily be the foundation of your highway and Broadway infrastructure.

● Drawing others to your website via social media engagement can be dicey, especially if you have budgetary constraints and are into paid advertising.

● While paid sites can definitely enhance your site traffic, you need a mechanism to get people to visit your social channels.

● The larger is your social media presence, the more you can depend on steady and consistent social media traffic to your website.

● You increase your social media traffic by engaging and building accord on every network. If you’re always available for potential buyers, brand loyalists and customers, you can nurture your clients through the buying process.

It all starts with inspiring your audience with compelling visuals. Make your content shareable and use social media buttons and plugins properly.

Some definite ways

Virtually all social networks have a designated spot or various areas for you to share your site. Just ensure that your URL or site address is visible in your About section and profile bio. In addition to providing legitimacy to your profile, it also directs traffic to your website.

● Whenever you write a blog post, share it on your social network. It helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and engagement, resulting in more people viewing your content.

● Referring individuals to your site is another way.

● A call to action is always effective. After visitors interact with your profile, you need to sustain their interest. Some common action calls are ‘Comment Below’, ‘Visit Now’, ‘share on Twitter,’ etc.

● Different social media platforms have different CTA buttons. There are some networks, where you have to place these calls within your content.

● Optimizing your social accounts is very important. Your biography and About Pages should brim with relevant keywords. Make sure every section of your profile/account is complete.

You can boost your site’s SEO by placing links in your biographies. By syncing your website to your social media platforms, you can create top-notch backlinks to your website or you can also visit Stormlikes to get more information

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Using social media for business

If you’re just stepping into the social media hemisphere for business, you might think that the only platforms are behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are essential and fantastic options for any scale of business, but you also have other viable options.

● Pinterest, Redditt, Tumblr, Google+ and Snapchat are all popular names.

● It’s crucial to follow your visitors and customers. Study the demographics of every platform.

● Know the significance of targets. Like all marketing campaigns, your social media activity’s foundation should be metrics and goals.

● Follow the key performance indicators in this regard.

● It’s prudent to post when your followers or audience is active.

It makes no sense when your target audience is not there to view your post. Sure, you can get some hits or likes, but you cannot sustain them.


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