Staying Fit Without a Gym

Staying Fit Without a Gym

For most of 2020, we’ve had to change how we do things because of COVID-19. Now, as we’re heading into winter, the cases of the virus are once again spiking.

This means that your gym might be closed, or even if it’s open, perhaps you’re not comfortable going on a personal level.

However, we know that obesity is a big risk factor for more severe illness and for many other chronic health conditions.

How can you stay fit without a gym? The following are some tips and ideas.

Outdoor Cardio

Depending on where you live and how severe the weather is, you may be able to get your cardio workouts outdoors.

For example, running and walking are always good options.

You can also consider taking up cycling, although be careful if you live in an urban area. Bicycling in a city is risky, but traffic is down in many big cities right now since more people are staying home either by choice or requirement.

A lot of on-demand workout companies have started creating workouts that you can take outdoors with you. For example, Peloton offers guided walks and runs that you can listen to outdoors.

Outdoor Strength Training

You can also do strength training outdoors.

A local park will have a lot of what you need to make this work.

For example, you can use a park bench as a dip bar or a step. You can do pushups against it as well. You can also use low playground equipment for dips, and you can use high playground equipment for pullups. The monkey bars are a good place to head for an upper-body workout.

If there’s a tire swing at your park, think about using it for overhead presses.

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Create a Bodyweight WOD

If you’ve ever been to a CrossFit gym, you’re likely familiar with a workout of the day or WOD.

You can make your own each day using bodyweight.

For example, optimal exercises for a WOD include pushups, air squats, and mountain climbers. You can set a timer for 10 minutes and repeat your simple circuit as many times as you’re able.

Use Technology

While none of us planned on 2020 being the year of doing everything from home, it’s the reality we were given.

Luckily, there is a lot of technology that makes this more feasible than it would have been only ten years ago, for example.

Make use of all the fitness technology that’s out there. Not all of it is expensive, either.

For example, a lot of great fitness apps are free.

Examples include Map My Run and the C25K 5K Trainer app, which helps you prepare for a marathon.

Yoga for Beginners is a free fitness app, as is Nike Training Club.

When you use apps and at-home fitness options, you can mix up your routine to stay in great shape and prevent boredom.

Create a Home Gym

Having a home gym can sound at first like a luxury you can’t afford, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A home gym can be something relatively affordable to set up, and then over time as your budget allows, you can add to it.

You don’t need an entire room. You could use half the room for an office and the other half for a workout area for example. You could also use someplace like your garage.

Start out simple.

Have a few dumbbells, an exercise mat, and perhaps some bands, for example. Other good things to have in a home gym are a jump rope, a workout bench, and a kettlebell.

If you’re willing to spend the money, you might also add a piece of cardio equipment like a treadmill or a stationary bike.

Find Creative Ways to Stay Accountable

For a lot of people who like working out at a gym, there’s a sense of accountability that comes with it. Maybe you’re used to working out with a friend, or you just see the same people at the gym everytime you go. It becomes an accountability support system.

Right now, if your gym is closed or you’re working out at home, you can get accountability in other ways.

For example, you might do Zoom workouts with a friend, or maybe you track your progress on social media.

If you write down your fitness goals and have a schedule of workouts, it’s also good to help yourself stay accountable. Anytime you write something down, it’s more likely to be a goal you achieve.

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