Spike your Instagram following with best tools of 2020

Spike your Instagram following with best tools of 2020

With over 1 billion active users per month, Instagram opens up massive pathways for businesses to find new audiences and highlight their products and services. However, all your influencer outreach programs and IG ads will come a cropper if you don’t back it up with the right tools. Read on to find why and how.

• Boosting and propelling your IG account is the main directive. Your objective as a brand is to lift up your operations and make it a cut above the rest.
• Your online store may be in Instagram, Facebook, or both. You need to drive more people, both potential and prospective customers into it. That’s your first step to make money on social media.
• Since Instagram is predominantly a visual platform, having scintillating visuals is an imperative. It communicates and cajoles your brand identity and enhances your products’ value.
• The best thing is you don’t need to be a professional or avid photographer to create gripping images. You can create magic with your humble smartphone if you can master some select IG design apps.
• VSCO for Android and iOS deserves first mention. Who remembers IG’s fantastic default filters as the reigning king of mobile photo editing?
• It has now become the undisputed ruler of on-the-go genre of photo creation. It’s a conjunction of social media avenue and photo-editing tool, or a combination of both. You cannot miss out on VSCO.

The den of Snapseed

This stellar photo-editing app has been downloaded countless times by countless people. An easy interface and breezy functions, its soaring popularity transcends beyond contrasts, cropping, and contours and brightness. It’s packed with super cool features like perspective, ambiance, and brush.

• Go to its main screen and tap on the Open Photo feature. Select the picture you want to edit and tap on the pencil mark. It shall take you to the Tools tab/screen.

• That’s where you start zeroing on editing options and functions. Just swipe up your finger or doodle here and there to edit the stuff. How easy was that? Fashionistas and travel bloggers on Instagram can’t live without Snapseed and they can tell why this tool can fetch you, organic followers, just like Gramista.

Snapseed’s most fascinating feature is Ambiance, its powerhouse. For those who don’t want to fiddle with color, contrast or radiance, try this function. Just swipe to the right screen and Ambiance will instantaneously add bling to your picture. The proportion of contrast, color, and brightness is akin to cinematography. It’s an unmissable tool.

Working with Insta edits

Keep in mind that lighting holds the key. Natural light is precious and unmatchable. A wise marketer will always ensure that you’ve opened the windows, positioned the curtains perfectly, and let the light play. Facetune is an awesome app. Although it’s a paid app, you can use it for bolstering photos.

• Its most loveable feature is that you use it for detailing out the most subtle and minutest element of your photo that you’d skip any time.

• In its entirety, it adds immense character and weight to a photo. Features like Whiten, Smooth and Details are brilliant.

Note some rules

Do remember that Photography has certain rules as well. For professional photographers, it’s mandatory to stick to an orbit. The most interesting thing about social media is that its different channels have different rules for visuals. You need to focus on certain elements here, such as focus and its depth, rule of thirds, exposure, ISO, and composition.

• Let’s not delve into the core technical stuff like shutter speed, lenses and exposure as these options are not available on your smartphone.
• It’s important to rotate in your orbit because you can gain audience only when your visual style, approach and graphic are consistent and impressive.
• Remember that people follow you or buy from you for a reason. Your photos mustn’t have fluctuating standards. If your material is variable and sporadic, and when you shuffle between pet pictures and standard garden photos, your consistency goes down the wire.
• A cohesive, coherent and consistent graphic outlook is instrumental in driving more customers and engaging them.
• Quick is a useful app for editing photos. Insta photos drive everyone crazy, both the person posting and the ones seeing or sharing it. You can add text through Quick. Speed is the main goal here.
• Just as you open an image, it readily adds text. You can then modify it as per your convenience. It has a text editor, which you need to use as per instructions.
• Write your desired stuff and swipe sideways on the fonts. You can then select the one that’s most captivating.

Flurry of options

Adobe photoshop express is a name that resonates with all and sundry. Adobe has been the household name as your go-to photo editing software for years. However, not many are familiar with or deft enough to use its intricate features. That mastery only comes with experience or/and training.

• The Express app enters in this juncture, allowing social media folks to optimize their Adobe experience and expertise sans any professional credential or qualification, so to speak.

• You use it to rotate, straighten or crop a picture, which are pretty much standard features in every photo-editing app. It also has tools for removing, balancing, and smoothening red eye.

• Some of you might want to fiddle with its advanced components. You can also add objects/material from other pictures to your visual content. This amalgamation leads to very rare and unique pictures.

Collage it with Layout

One of the most popular and extensive photo-editing apps out there, Layout’s specialty is that it’s IG’s own app. You use it for taking photos and editing them as well. Its main goal is to create fascinating collages.

You can either taking a new photo with Layout or upload your existing pictures. You can create as many nine photos in a collage, which means your followers can see all the sights you visited on your recent trip to that beautiful hill station.

Personalization of collages and layouts is a standard feature. You can share your photo/s instantly to IG.

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