Basic Rules in Social Networks & Tools for Twitter for free

Basic Rules in Social Networks & Tools for Twitter for free

Today we are going to tell you some basic rules on social networks … Why? … Well, simple … Many clients when they arrive at our agency do so with a tremendous “social chaos”. With profiles in all social networks and have been, without any optimization and, of course, without proper management for a long time. Usually when we ask why they have so many accounts open the answer is usually the same “I do not know, because they are known, right?” Well, no, you do not have to be on all social networks just because they are the most famous. For example, British Essay Writers, if you have a company whose target audience is over 30 … what is the point of being on Snapchat if your audience is a teenager? None. Well, that.

Once the social network is chosen there is a lot of work to be done. In future posts, we will explain how to manage each one of the different social networks but for the moment we share this infographic with the 9 basic rules in social networks. Take good note of them if you want to get positive results for your company.

INFOGRAPHY: 9 basic rules in social networks

1. Publishes content of value

2. Difference between entrepreneur & Brand profiles

3. Generate conversation

4. Encourage conversation Create a community

5. Take advantage of them as a channel of customer service

6. Do not copy content from the competition

7. Do not use them only as a catalog of your products

8. Less is a man. Have presence only where necessary

9. Do not lose your way!

Tools for Twitter for Free

Tools for twitter

Twitter has, to date, more than 300 million followers worldwide and 1,000 million unique monthly visits. With data like these, it is logical to think that a company may be interested in being in the social network of the bird. Today we show you a list of 5 free Twitter tools that will help you, monitor, manage and analyze this social network.


The list of tools for Twitter that you can find on the Internet is huge. Obviously, you can not handle them all because you would become crazy, and also it is not effective or practical. So the best thing is to try many and stay alone with two or three that meet all your expectations and get the most out of them. This does not mean that you keep alert of all the new twitter tools that come out and study their potential and results.


Audience is the new identity of Social Bro, a tool that allows us to:

• Understand your audience in depth on Twitter and improve your marketing strategy

• Discover important conversations and create truly meaningful interactions

• Create a brand image by optimizing the reach and engagement of your content on Twitter

• Segment and target new potential customers with great precision

• Develop high-performance campaigns based on accurate and interactive data.

If you want to know how to get the most out of it, here is a tutorial from the Audience


Tweetdeck allows you to manage multiple accounts in the same panel and follow their chronologies. If you know Hootsuite, handling it will not cost you anything since they have a pretty similar aesthetic. They also share common functions such as the possibility of sending tweets. By far one of its greatest advantages, because you even have the option of telling it to repeat a shipment every so often. From Tweetdeck, you can also tweet or send direct messages.

You have two options: download the app on the PC (desktop version) or simply loggearte with the Chrome version (it is a no-brainer, but it means that you must have this browser to use it). Here you have a tutorial so you can learn how to use Tweetdeck.


A magnificent tool to know the hours of activity of our followers. That is, we can know at what time of day-or night-there are more followers connected. What good is this information? Well, a lot, since these data will allow you to optimize your strategy by publishing your content at prime time.

Among the statistics offered are included, in addition to the time when more followers are connected, the day of the week and the month of greatest activity among your followers. As if this were not enough, Tweriod allows you to keep a history of your data and know the evolution of your profile. The bad thing is that the free version does not give you results on every day of the week.


Fantastic analyzer tweets. It has a free version and payment. The first has, obviously, its limitations. The most important is that it will analyze only the last 50 tweets. But do not worry, unless you have big accounts, you do not need more if you look at it regularly.

This tool serves to monitor the reach of your tweets. Tweetreach will allow you to find out who are the most influential followers of your account. This will allow you to focus your strategy to the target audience, to the audience that is really interested in listening to the content you publish. Highly recommended. Here you have a Youtube video where you can discover all its possibilities.


It is a good option to monitor words on Twitter. Choose the hashtag, the keyword or user name you want to follow and the language and let the system start working. In a few seconds a screen like this will appear:

Discover the most influential users or the most relevant related links, know the 10 keywords related to your most used searches, the most retweeted photos, the users who most often mention the word you are analyzing. In short, Twazzup is a perfect tool to know at all times what is said of our brand on Twitter.

And you, what free tools for Twitter do you consider essential?

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Until next week!

Author Bio: Eddie is a content marketer and a Seo strategist assignment writing services the UK.

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