4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Strategies with Artificial Intelligence

4 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Strategies with Artificial Intelligence

In today’s era, social media is a very powerful platform for carrying out marketing activities because it contains billions of users which are all your potential clients. In order to improve your brand visibility, you need to create a platform where you can display your products and services for your customers so that they can easily place an order online.

Initially, businesses had to go through a lot of obstacles when they were designing a marketing strategy for their brand. However, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, you can now craft more effective strategies with fewer complications involved in the overall procedure. There are a number of ways you can use artificial intelligence to craft a marketing strategy for your business.

1. The Increased Use of Chatbots

According to recent statistics, there are around 100,000 chatbots working at Facebook and their primary duty is to act as customer representatives so that customer queries can be answered immediately. These chatbots are capable of answering questions that are frequently asked by the customers, however, in the near future, they will become more advanced with the latest technological equipment.

Artificial intelligence has made customer support much more convenient than before. In the upcoming years, chatbots will become so progressive that you won’t be able to tell the difference between human support and machine support. This will help companies speed up their procedures for delivering a unique customer experience as potential issues will be resolved immediately.

Apart from providing customer support, chatbots are also used for gathering and analyzing data so that it can be transformed into valuable information. When you are running a business, you have to keep an eye on your competitors in order to keep yourself informed about their performance. In addition to this, you should also have in-depth knowledge about the market trends and customer interests so that you can create and modify your products according to the demand of your customers. Artificial intelligence gives machines a human touch which is why they are able to perform all such activities, making the bond between brands and customers stronger than ever.

2. Knowhow of Buyer Personality

When it comes to the promotion of products and services, marketers heavily rely on the personalities of the buyers because they have to design strategies for their marketing campaigns. Generalized representations of your customers can help you understand the segments that you are targeting so that you can create and modify products according to the needs and requirements of your target audience. This concept is very important for engaging your customers as it facilitates them in taking a closer look at your offerings and you can subsequently increase your sales revenue.

Social media is an exceptional platform for promoting customer engagement because all your customers and potential clients are available on social media websites. You can also carry out your online marketing campaigns on social media in order to attract more customers. Nowadays, video ads have gained a lot of popularity because you cannot skip the ad unless and until you have seen the entire ad video. Therefore, a lot of companies are investing in such marketing videos because people are forced to see them.

Although there are a lot of limitations and complications involved in social media strategies, artificial intelligence helps you overcome all such problems so that you can carry out your promotional campaigns without any obstacles. In addition to this, artificial intelligence helps you understand customer personalities so that you can send personalized messages to your customers in order to get their attention. By sending out relevant messages, you generate more useful leads which are good for the growth of your company. It is worth mentioning the fact that artificial intelligence requires a stable in internet connection (remember to compare different cable deals, before choosing one) in order to collect and analyze data so that you can use the valuable information for the growth of your business.

3. Visual Communication with Artificial Intelligence

According to statistics, by the end of the year 2018, around 84% of all the communication will take place visually. Social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram are already full of visual content, but other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have witnessed an upsurge in customer engagement with an increase in visual content.

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With the emergence of artificial intelligence, visual content can be used to recognize images of different brands so that marketers can easily differentiate between products belonging to various brands available in the market. This can help you gain valuable insights regarding your competitors in order to know what they are doing and how well they are performing in the industry. Adding visual content to your website can attract more traffic because it is easy to consume and understand. People prefer watching a video rather than reading long paragraphs.

4. Writing Content with Artificial Intelligence

According to research conducted by Gartner, by 2019, around 20% of the B2B content will be generated by artificial intelligence. Companies prefer using intelligent machines for writing content because with machines, the chances of an error occurring can be eliminated and in addition to this, machines can predict future and write content according to the upcoming trends if you provide them with the relevant data. Moreover, machines can write multiple articles in a much lesser time than a human being. This enables you to use manpower in areas that require more human attention, for instance; decision-making procedures.


The technology of artificial intelligence is not only capable of collecting and processing data but also of building associations which is similar to the function performed by a human brain. With artificial intelligence, you can design strategies that are different from your competitors, giving you a competitive edge over other companies in the market. This technology is already making a difference in the online business industry by providing marketers with valuable and meaningful information which they can use to deliver unique customer experience.

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