15 Checklist Points Before Engaging In Social Media Marketing

15 Checklist Points Before Engaging In Social Media Marketing

If you believe creating multiple social accounts and keep posting new images, videos and content relevant to your brand are all about social media marketing, let us clear you one thing, you are wrong. It’s a myth that people have created in their minds.

This concept is not going to help you with the marketing campaign. Instead of support, it will cost you time, resources and huge money. Let scroll down and get 15 checklist points before engaging in social media marketing for your financial advisor marketing services.

1. Set a business goal

Every single social media marketing strategy helps you to achieve a goal you have set for your business. Merely, you are not capable to move forward if you haven’t clear with an aim in your mind.

Review your organization closely and examine the basic needs and test deeply how social media contributes to make that goal to fulfill. At the initial stage, you have set several business goals but it’s not possible to crack all at one hit. So make a strategy based on an utmost important goal. But some elements are included by most of the companies in their strategy such as how to create brand awareness, reducing marketing costs and give a tight competition to others.

It would be great if you set two primary and two secondary goals to focus on. Develop a strategy on the basis of different goals will distract you and in the end, you think quitting is the only option you have.

2. Be prepared for some predictable challenges

If you are new to social media, you are not allowed to expect a hundred percent positive outcomes. Keep trying and keep improving if an error predicted. However, some challenges are common in all business strategies and you are quite

familiar with them. Get ready to face all challenges by bringing your marketing techniques on your fingertips. Here is a list of some common problems you can face while running a business.

• Negative reviews

• Low website ranking

• Fail to bring the brand in the limelight

3. Study Different Social Media

Test which social media will suit your business. From a wide range of social media, you need to test which social media tools align your business strategy.

Depending on your business, target your audience and examine at which social platform most of your users are active. Carefully analyze when they are being on the active mode and accordingly use the required tool to advertise your services in front of them.

Use the right tools to make the site easy to access by customers. The most trendy social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Firstly create a business page on Facebook and if you realize its working well, switch to other platforms to leverage the audience’s interest.

4. Content Creation

Killer Content is a striking strategy for any business. Determine different types of content and examine how much force and frequency you can create it.

The need for content creation is a reliable point. It is required for:

· Blogs

· E-books

· Images

· Videos

Add content that makes people feel the same as what you are expecting. The more informative and practical content you add, the more people will respond to you and share your content. The innovative and eye-catching text is a real flavor that brings people on board to taste your business (By accepting your products and services).

5. Relate your business with the hot topic of the season

A marketing campaign is useless if you won’t able to set a stage on fire with your trendy services. Try to focus on sparkle terms to relate with your business and display that with some pause.

As you have seen media is being linked to different parameters and it is on the cover page with style. Campaign your business with exciting wordings and certainly present that with a topic that is creating a buzz in the market. In this way, people get excited about your firm and want to go with your services.

6. Connect offline and online marketing

Offline marketing is crucial to develop as many people forget to involve it in their professional planning. Although online marketing is in trend, offline matters a lot.

Organize a public event, contests, and conferences to make people an insight into how well you can present your services without any online platform. The live communication can reflect a more good impression. During face to face interaction, the audience has an opportunity to disclose their nebulous queries and discuss with experts in order to get a potential solution.

Look at the back and see how previously going on brands are still in the market and dominating others. These products and services were kept in touch with the public through offline marketing and still in the market because of a physical campaign.

7. Budgeting

Apart from the advantages of social media, another truth is its expensive marketing campaigning. These expenses can be minimized by searching the features and facilities of different sites.

Create a budget plan and try to corporate all the campaign ideas in between that plan. It is not compulsory that social media marketing is only possible with huge expenses. It can be grown-up according to your amount. If you are realizing any profit, you are free to spread your business wings by investing some extra dollars.

8. Strong network

An effective network means a stronger base of your agency. Move some extra miles to grow your online links with your clients and other business partners.

Try to extend your network as much as you can. This will benefit your firm and help you to promote your business among the different audiences.

9. Research competition

In social media marketing, you do not only get to know of your competitors but it gives an idea of how to integrate all the elements to bring potential in your working strategy.

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Explore at least 3 to 5 competitors and study their success story and how they are on the floor. Search which social media they are using and figure out the type of content they are focussing to reflect their brand.

Collect the data on how much followers they have on each social platform. Read reviews that customers have added to their posts and services. Apart from this, analyze how they react to their fans.

10. Include images and videos

There is no doubt that visual things hold more attention than text. Social media means social connection and if you share attractive images and videos, the client will automatically be inclined towards your services.

Add images relevant to your brand and create short videos to explain your business’s mission and vision.

11. YouTube

As we have discussed in the last point that videos can attract visitors to your website. Likewise, youtube plays a significant role to engage more and more viewers to your brand.

Youtube is one resourceful platform that creates an interest in an individual’s mind. Represent your firm and its services in a way that makes people fall in love with your words. A good representative can explain things more attractively.

12. Understand your audience

Understand your audience and plan your business strategy and content accordingly is another step. Social media marketing helps you to get familiar with your audience.

It is very critical to use quality content to target the right audience. The language and images you are using in the post must be readable and understandable.

13. Manage your social marketing team

Evaluate the best skills to handle your social marketing accounts. Manage a team that has good communication skills, strength, and exclusive ideas to define your brand existence.

Nowadays, all businesses are using social media marketing but what unique they are doing for the firm means a lot. The audience recognizes the one who has done something beyond their expectations.

14. Understand the format of social platforms

Each social media has different rules and regulations. Additionally, variable format to add new posts. Let’s take an example of Instagram, a famous social platform to develop an interest in the client to hit the click button.

Presently, a hashtag is in trend and we have to follow it to grab the high ranking on search engine results.

15. Select impressive content, images, and videos to post

Undoubtedly, there is a bunch of things to post on social channels but ensure what you are going to post that makes some sense.

From a wide variety, choose the most impressive writing to highlight on your social page. Images and videos must have a message to convey.

Avoid posting videos or images where you are enjoying a lunch break and laughing loader at the workplace. This will put a very unprofessional impression on a client.


As you move forward, you will realize some tactics are not working the way you want them to play. In this situation, don’t get irritated, be calm and analyze each thing with a little more care. At last, you will get better results.

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