Side Hustles You Can Explore to Become Financially Stable

It’s common knowledge that artists are underpaid and undervalued by society, causing them to struggle financially. Fortunately, as side hustling is becoming more common these days, you have more opportunities to explore some of these part-time work or small businesses. These side hustles can give you more earnings and even some passive income that cantake you out of your financially struggling artist image.

Exploring Side Hustles for the Creative

According to Forbes, one-third of Americans have a side hustle, and more are considering it to make their ends meet and have more savings. Working more than one job with a side hustle is a growing trend in a capitalistic society. Working many jobs shouldn’t be a thing, but, unfortunately, this is how the world is right now. For now, play by the rules and look at these side hustles where you can still be artistic.

Since 4.66 billion people have internet access and 2.89 billion are on Facebook, it would be helpful for your business to take advantage of social media marketing to reach more people who can support your creative ventures. You can also start a page where people can see your process and new art. These contents can make it easier for your followers to share and further increasing your reach.

Of course, other social media like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok should check out and utilize to reach more people and personalize your engagement with every interested customer to turn them into loyal customers. These social media can also allow you to have additional income from advertisements that your social media accounts canhost. That’s another source of passive income.

Another good side hustle that doesn’t veer away from your artistic side is conceptualizing and launching products or services related to your craft. Some perfect examples of these products are T-shirts, pins, stickers, prints, tote bags, and more. When it comes to services, you can offer some in-person art classes.

Since you already have some social media, marketing your products and services should be more accessible. You should also create your e-commerce website or set up accounts for websites like Printify, Redbubble, Zazzle, and more. These websites allow you to upload your art that you can sell as prints on merchandise. It’s not a complicated process as these websites will take care of the printing for you, and all you have to do is wait for buyers and earn some passive income after you have your account with them.

You should also check out the recent booming trend of non-fungible tokens or NFTs that many people spend thousands of dollars on. NFTs allow you to convert your art, memes, comics, videos, etc., into a collectible digital piece by collectors, and you can sell them on websites like OpenSea and Rarible.

When you have valuable skills to share, you should consider starting a Facebook group course where people pay money to subscribe to whatever skill it is you’re willing to teach them. These courses cangenerate passive income for you, so keep on utilizing your social media accounts to spread the word about your art.

There are also some websites like Fiver and Upwork, which are online marketplaces that allow you to set up an account where you can advertise your skills. Once interested parties find your profile and believe they need your skills, they can hire you to do a project for them, and you can get paid.

The Era of Side Hustlers

While these side hustles sound easy to set up, they are all a huge risk as you invest some money, time, and effort for each of these creative side hustles. So, it would help if you still considered planning each of them properly.

One more thing you should remember is that you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each side hustle. Learn also about your competitors, target audiences, and marketing strategies. Knowing these factors beforehand can help you get them to take off properly.

When you have multiple sources of income, you won’t need to worry about your financial situation most of the time, which canbe a considerable relief from the anxiety of overthinking such things. It might take time to get used to working too many jobs, but once you find your niche and have established your side hustles, you should be financially stable until the foreseeable future.

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