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Reviews & Buying Guide – Best Air Conditioner 2019

WInters are getting colder, and summers are getting warmer, especially in India. Now, finding solutions to bet the heat in winter is easy and affordable, but doing the same can be a little difficult because ACs are expensive.

While some might have the budget to buy a good, high-end AC, some might find it difficult owing to their meager budget. What should these guys do since not buying an AC is not an option; buying one that fits the budget but is not efficient enough is again, not an option.

People having a similar problem can try the EMI option. Again, owing to the interesting one has to pay against the product he/she gets financed on EMI, the same might or might not be a conducive option for some. In that case, one can resort to No-Cost EMI financing option which lets people shop for products and services on EMI without paying anything as interest against it.

How to buy a product a.k.a an AC on No-Cost EMI?

While buying an AC on No-Cost EMI is pretty easy, the same requires the person to hold an EMI card. The No-Cost EMI cards are a plastic money product offered by Bajaj Finserv, and it works on a similar concept as that of a credit card. The only difference between the two products is, you don’t have to pay interest against the products you buy on EMI.

There are other ways to buy a product on No-Cost EMI; one can use credit cards which offer such facility or use the No-Cost financing plans offered by various EMI stores and e-commerce platforms.

Things to keep in mind while buying AC:-

Though most of the things have already been explained, you should still take a look at the below-mentioned factors before buying an AC.

● Check the BEE ratings, aim for a higher number of stars.
● Look for No-Cost EMI or simply EMI options with AC
● Check product reviews before purchasing.
● Pay equal attention to post-sale customer service.


Buying an AC on EMI is easy; finding a good one to buy is the problematic part. People get confused between the types of AC like 3 Star or 5 Star, but ultimately it is your call depends upon your budget and the features which are you getting on a particular brand. So before buying any AC do the research first and then buy your desired AC on EMI.

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