All Things to Know Remove Individual Eyelashes

All Things to Know Remove Individual Eyelashes

I found many people know what individual lashes are, but the more information they don’t know.

Individual Lashes for your Sensitive Eyes. In Body, Eyes are very weak parts. Near to both eye, the skin is too sensitive. While doing anything near-eye pay more attention.

For the sensitive eyes, I recommend you use the Silk Lashes or PBT lashes, not the mink individual lashes (especially the real mink individual lashes), for the mink lashes are animal hair, it is easy to cause allergy.

Besides, choose short and fewer lashes to make a natural effect that can reduce the irritation to your eyes.

About the third points, if you are ready to do the applying by yourself, please use the false lashes glue.

How Should You Remove Individual Eyelashes?

The individual lashes can be removed Steps:

• Removing the glue and make sure the cotton swab is completely soaked.

• Gently wipe around the upper eyelid with a cotton swab, then slowly rub around the outer contour of the eye, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently making small circles, the remover will slowly melt the glue.

• Gently swab the eyeliner with a cotton swab back and forth about a dozen times. Pinch the root of the individual lashes with your thumb and index finger.

• After we remove the eyelashes, apply the remover to the upper eyelid to remove the remaining glue.

• Rinse the eyes and face with warm water to remove any remaining remover.

Individual Lashes for Beginners

For the beginners who want to have individual lashes instead of false lashes, the process may be a little difficult.

Firstly, choose the right lashes with 3 roots,5 roots or more, I suggest the beginners start with 3 roots for easier operation.

Secondly, it is the eyelash adhesive, choose an individual lashes special adhesive that no harmful to skin and can touch the skin.

Third, when grabbing the lashes, clip the root and not too much force to avoid damage the lashes curl and shape.

Then, dip the lashes into the adhesive with a suitable adhesive, you can dip into the lashes and remove the excess glue with the glue container.

Finally, be careful when sticking the lashes on the eyelid, it is better stick to the place that 1-2 mm from the root of natural lashes.

After applying, you can modify the lashes gently to keep a good shape.

Look into the mirror and you have finished your work. Don’t be disappointed if the first try is failed, for the more practice, the more professional you are.

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Individual Lashes for Hooded Eyes

For the ones who have hooded eyes, they often feel confused if they can have beautiful eyelashes.

Yes, you are.

The hooked eyes often with single eyelids together.

Single eyelids are divided into two types: One is a big eye, one is a small eye.

If it is a small single eyelid, it is usually accompanied by a little swollen bubble, how to do it, the j curl is good, the eyelashes are slightly tilted, and the distance from the root is 1 mm farther than normal grafting, which is about 1.5 mm, which can deepen the fold of the eyelids. The effect is good!

Individual Lashes for Wedding

The wedding time is a solemn moment, so I suggest an elegant and gorgeous type for the bride.

Individual Lashes for Holiday

  • Holidays are happy and relax, the natural and cute type is more suitable.
  • For the natural type, the corner is J 10 mm, middle C 10 mm, and tail J 12 mm.
  • For the cute type, the corner is J 10 mm, middle C 12 mm, and tail J 11 mm.

Russian Individual Lashes Near Me

Now Lankiz lashes have their Russian individual lashes with New C/D curl and 3/5 roots to meet all your needs.

The lashes are made with premium faux mink material,100% handmade.


I hope this information will help you to remove Individual Lashes at your home location. This article will share with you our personal experienced. Personally, I’m the early years I tried everything- oils / damp pads, etc but best to come in store we have a gel remover that takes it off in 5 minutes with no damage.

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