5 Ways to Ease Back Pain without Medication

Relieve Back Pain without Medication

Back pain can be frustrating and sometimes draining body experience. This kind of discomfort, at its worst, can debilitate you and significantly affect your quality of life. If you ever woke up with a terrible backache, you’ll know how such an ailment can quickly ruin your day, week, or month.

When thinking about back pain relief, many reach for pain meds. Doctors, in fact, sometimes prescribe opioids for chronic low back pain. Guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP), however, advise doctors to begin with options that don’t involve any kind of medication.

How exactly can you obtain relief from a sore back without taking NSAIDs or other similar meds? Here are several options you can consider:

Massages provide relief on top of conventional care, such as waiting for the body to heal. The right massage can minimize pain and speed up the return to normal activities.

You have plenty of options when obtaining a massage. You can, for instance, get a high-quality chair from massage chair providers, such as osim.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional who can safely provide a therapeutic massage. Make sure that the practitioner has a license to practice in your state, as well as certified by a trusted national organization like the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

Extended periods of stress may undermine your overall health, including your back. Stress, for example, can change your posture. This may result in straining and tension of your back.

If your stress levels are on the roof, you’ll need to find healthy ways to cope with the pressures of everyday life. You can manage stress effectively by doing one or more of the following:

Heat patches that activate when in contact with the skin are an excellent product to keep on your office desk or carry during long drives or commutes. These patches offer a continuous supply of heat to ease body pain.

When using this product, follow the instructions written on the package. Also, refrain from wearing the patch for extended periods to prevent skin damage.

The footwear you put on can affect the health of your back. High heels, for instance, can make both your feet and back hurt. Walking on the balls of your feet will move the justify of gravity in your body, pushing you to arch your back when you stand. This, unfortunately, further contributes to back pain.

Simply wearing flat shoes to remedy the situation, though, is not necessarily a good idea. Appropriate cushioning of the foot and arch support is crucial. This can significantly aid in the management of pain.

How your shoes fit is another factor you should consider. If your footwear is too tight, the resulting foot pain may force you to change how you walk. This can result in stress on the back.

Similarly, putting on footwear that’s too big for you can push you to compensate by altering your gait. Purchasing orthotic insoles is a way to maximize comfort and proper mobility, as well as get rid of back pain.

Meditation is an excellent way to reduce anxiety, release feel-good hormones known as endorphins and improve concentration. You can even control the way your mind perceives pain through mindful meditation.

Start by searching for a dark and quiet room or space. Then, meditate for five to ten minutes. You can do this in the morning or before you retire for the night. If meditation isn’t your cup of tea, try simple breathing exercises. Take 10 slow and deep breaths in a row to calm your body.

When your back is sore, don’t reach for pain meds in your bathroom cabinet. Instead, take note of these five health suggestions.

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