Rainy Days Dont Have To Get You Down

Rainy Days Don’t Have To Get You Down

When I think of rainy days, I think of two things. One is the F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene where Joey is all by himself, lonely at his new apartment. We think he is looking through a window while it’s raining, but he’s just looking through the glass of a mini-fountain. The other is the song by Carpenters, Rainy Days and Monday, a melancholic song that speaks of one’s deep loneliness.

Indeed, rainy days are often associated with sadness. Sometimes, people use this time to feel all the negative emotions they have inside. Some people hate the rain because they end up wet and sticky when they walk on the street. Yet, some enjoy the rainy days. They rejoice when the first rain of the year comes, and they dance under it.

Singing in the Rain

So why do some people love the rain?

1. It’s refreshing.

For some countries that are hot and humid, people couldn’t wait for the rain to come. It is a nice break from the scorching heat and a way to cool off. Some people also sleep well when it is raining, not just because of the cold weather.

2. It’s conducive for sleeping.

The University of Melbourne released an online article scientifically on why people sleep well when it’s raining. Some factors include increased secretion of melatonin, a sleep-related hormone when it’s dark. As the clouds cover the sun when it is raining, the sky becomes dark, and sleepiness kicks in.

The article also adds that negative ion in the air increase when it rains. This is responsible for improving circulation within the body and help people feel more comfortable. What happens when you’re very comfortable? You start to sleep like a baby.

Speaking of babies, studies also found out that the rhythmic sound of the rain becomes like a lullaby that makes people feel sleepy.

3. It’s fun.

Kids especially love playing in the rain. It’s like nature’s shower, and you don’t have to pay for it. You can dance with your family and friends. You can think like you’re in a water park without having to pay a fee.

3.It’s romantic.

For sure, everyone is familiar with the fact that most romantic scenes always happen when it’s raining. There’s a reason why. For one, the rain resembles a person’s tears. The rain signifies an outpour of love from one person to another. Also, when you’re cold, wet, and crying under the rain, wouldn’t it feel so romantic when someone embraces you and shelters you from it?

4.There’s a chance to see a pot of gold.

After the rain, there’s a great chance of seeing a rainbow. There’s a myth saying that when you follow the end of the rainbow, it will bring you to a pot of gold. But whether you see gold or not, seeing nature showcasing its natural beauty through a colourful rainbow is more than enough.

5. It is vital to life.

It’s not all about emotions. Rain is essential.

The U.S. Geological Survey stresses the importance of rain and precipitation to all forms of life. Rain is responsible for bringing back water resources lost due to evaporation during hot weather. This is important because all living things, including plants, animals, and humans, need water to survive.

Come Again Another Day

There are plenty more reasons why some people enjoy it when the rain comes. But as much as we appreciate it, some things need to be remembered and cautious about during and after the rain.

Rain can be fun and romantic, but too much of it can be harmful. When there is excessive rain or continuous rainy days, floods can occur. Sometimes, rain comes with a friend called wind. Fast wind mixed with heavy rains is dangerous and can be destructive. During these times, dancing in the rain may not be a good idea.

After the rain, there is also a risk of stagnant water left around outside your backyard. Stagnant water is a great breeding ground for mosquitoes, and mosquitoes can be harmful to humans. It is not just about the bite marks, but they carry potential diseases. If you start seeing these insects around the house, it’s better to look for and dispose of still water in your area. But to be sure that they won’t fester, contact services to help control mosquitoes in your house.

It’s up to you.

Rain can be good or bad, but it is up to you to decide what emotions it brings. It is always better to look for the positive in things, though, and take advantage of the gift Mother Nature brings.

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