6 Benefits Of Browser Push Notifications To E-Commerce Websites

6 Benefits Of Browser Push Notifications To E-Commerce Websites

Web push notification is one of the best tools ever built for e-commerce websites. It is a fast and efficient way to communicate with the audience that provides a boost to the online marketing campaign.

It is a great way to create a buzz around your brand, enhance brand awareness and engagement. While SMS messages or email marketing campaigns face low click-through rates, push notifications to increase the conversion rates.

Here is how this browser technology can help your e-commerce platform-

Communicate With The Real-Time Web Visitors

If the users are online and have opted-in to receive web push notifications from you, it is easy to reach them. It is one of the big advantages that no other type of web communications can offer. You can send messages to your visitors even when they have closed your website. These messages will appear as notifications on their desktop or mobile devices. Moreover, they don’t need to open their mailbox to see your notifications.

Moreover, location-specific push notifications give a great opportunity to personalize the customer experience. Higher the real-time reach, more powerful is the brand.

Notify The Users With Short And Fast Message Delivery

Web push notification is the best channel for delivering time-sensitive, important information. Though you can also deliver necessary information to the users via email, it requires a lot of editing before sending them out. On the other hand, push notifications are short, precise messages that you can be shared in real-time. If the users are connected to the internet, they’ll receive the notification as soon as you send it.

Let The Readers Know About Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Alerting the customers about last-minute deals, special offers, and coupons is an effective way to enhance your brand’s consistency. Notifications form a complementary marketing channel to provide extra, value-added information to the users about your products.

In addition to this, they also offer strong recognition by allowing you to use logos in the messages. Users are more likely to remember such notifications, thereby increasing the value of your brand. Further, it gives a boost to your marketing strategy.

Increase The Conversion Rates And Drive More Traffic To The Website

Web browser push notifications on e-commerce websites help you to get more traffic. Since they are delivered instantly, the engagement rate of users is high as compared to email or SMS. They produce better results in terms of opt-in and click-through rates as compared to other marketing mediums.

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Since the notifications only require the users to allow permission with a single click, they can unsubscribe at any time. However, it is important to understand the concepts and how to implement them successfully to generate traffic that keeps visiting your website.

You Can Communicate With The Audience Without Any Contact Details

It is one of the best advantages that make web push notifications an amazing tool for website marketing. With this tool, you don’t need to collect email addresses or other contact details to interact with the audience. So, it is a great opportunity to create a communication channel with anonymous visitors who may not opt-in with email.

Track The Actionable Metrics To Boost Your Marketing Plan

Push notifications offer analytics with data on open times, open rates, engagement time, and delivery receipts. It provides you with an insight into user behavior, including click-through rates, to see which messages are likely to be opened. Based on the user behavior data, you can start online campaigns that connect better with the users.


Web push notifications are certainly the best channels to engage and retain visitors on your website. If you are a website owner or a digital marketer, it is high time to implement this tool and start experimenting with new marketing strategies.

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