Planning for your next city break

Planning For Your Next City Break

Venturing out to the city for a nice break away from your everyday life is a sure-fire way of de-stressing yourself as well as getting out there to see things you wouldn’t normally see! From the rich cultural cities of the South to the party central’s in the North, there is a range of experiences to be had that you wouldn’t normally get in your own city! Whether you’re visiting the Capital to visit your favorite art gallery, or visiting a landmark city to see the sights, city breaks are a great way to get away from your ordinary surroundings!

City breaks can be daunting however especially if you’re going to a city that you’ve never been too before. Regardless of where you’re thinking of visiting, there are a few simple rules you can follow to stay safe when you’re looking at traveling in the city! From finding safe ways of traveling to keeping a lookout for your belongings, there are a few things to be aware of on your next city break.

1 – Be aware of your transport options

Depending on where you’re visiting, you may have to depend on the local transport (trams, trains, buses, etc.) to get where you need to go. This can be confusing at the best of times since it’ll most likely work on a system you’re not used to. If you’re ever in doubt, a good tip is to find a reputable taxi company that people can recommend to you. Finding a taxi in Bristol or any other modern city can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. There is a range of places to look for reliable taxi companies, with the internet being your main one! You can also ask your hotel if they have a recommended a particular provider, or you’ve found a business card left at your BNB, using a local taxi company is a good idea when you’re wanting to simplify your local travel.

2 – Look after your belongings!

Depending on which city you’re visiting, pickpockets will always be something you need to look out for. Whilst this is more the case in tourist rich areas, even smaller cities will have issues with pickpocketing. Be aware of thieves especially in areas that are full of tourists as these are usually hotspots for thieves looking for targets to steal from.

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3 – Plan your travel ahead of time

If you have a set plan on what you want to do during your city break then planning how you’re going to get around is a good idea! City breaks can be stressful if you’ve not planned in advance since things can get out of hand fairly quickly! You don’t want to depend on a form of transport to then have it not be available to you when you need it! This is especially true if you are depending on a bus/train to get to and from the airport. If you’re thinking of a more guaranteed way of getting to and from an airport so you can catch your flight on time, a taxi is the best option for you! You won’t have to depend on public transport which can be unreliable at the best of times! You’ll also be able to be picked up directly from either the airport to your hotel/Airbnb or vice versa!

4 – Making sure you’ve packed everything!

This might seem like an obvious point however most people don’t think of city breaks as being an actual holiday! This is far from the truth since you’ll still be spending time away from home in another place. If you’ve never planned for a city break, you’ll only need to bring the essentials. As long as you have some form of money (credit card or cash), clothing, basic toiletries and a way of contacting people then you’re all set! We wouldn’t recommend leaving for your city break completely empty-handed however there will be things you can purchase whilst you’re out there. Identification is also fairly necessary as you don’t know when you might need it! It’s also definitely necessary if you’re traveling by plane as that might be the fastest way for you to get to the city to the city!

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