OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is a small misleading term that describes a company that has unique relationships with computers and IT manufacturers. Manufacturers are usually manufacturers who resell other company products under their name and brand.

OEM is like VAR

While OEM Engineer is like a Value Added Reseller (VAR), it specifically refers to a company action that makes a product branded under its name and offers its warranty, support, and licensing for the product. The term is misleading because the original manufacturers are not the original manufacturers. You change the original product.

Example of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

When a manufacturer manufactures computer technology, such as a computer graphics card, it usually makes two or more versions of the product. The manufacturer distributes a version directly to the end-user, using his trademark and offering his warranties and support.

Other versions of the manufactured product must be distributed by the OEM of the manufacturer and the authorized distribution channel of the dealer. The OEM products are usually at the same standard as the retail versions, but the warrants may differ, the software may not be manual and merged, and the cables and connections may not include. Required for installation. In some cases, the bulk of the product purchased by the OEM can be significant for the mass production of pre-built systems.

6 Benefits of working with OEM

1. Answer

By going to the OEM, you can be sure that the response will be faster, as less time is needed to identify and manufacture the part, primarily through access to the original drawings. We aim to have all inquiries done at least on time and to monitor our delivery performance closely.

2. Quality

If you would instead participate in a machine, you want to be sure that the replacement is identical (or better) to what was there before; the OEM is the only one d. This confidence can give you. All parts and components that match the original specifications are created and tested and tested and will be of a high standard. They will fit your equipment and perform according to factory specifications.

3. Support

When approaching OEM support engineers, these engineers certainly have access to the same engineering team that designed their equipment. Our purchase provides access to a wide range of engineering and technical support. Our experienced and experienced staff is willing to assist you with the needs of each part.

4. Value and Age

If you change parts in your machine, it is expected that you would continue to receive the circumstances you expect by purchasing the OEM to ensure that it is a similar replacement and, therefore, no breakdown. Howden original parts were designed to provide the best performance. Our parts often last much longer than cheaper parts because of the quality materials and testing we incorporate. A more affordable purchase price does not usually mean that it is cheaper to install and operate.

5. Guarantee

One of the main benefits you get with our parts is that many parts are assured by the manufacturer. If you find your part with any defects, or if it is faulty, please contact us, and we will help resolve the issue.

6. Return of Investment

As the parts we supply are designed to fit and make the factory specifications, it increases the life of your equipment. It will save you money, maintain performance and reduce downtime in the long run.

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