5 Easy Step to do SEO

6 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog in Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done to rank the website on the search engine’s results page. Is it so simple? Someone will say that this is simple Someone will not say it is very difficult but both of them are wrong because neither the SEO nor the hard is neither easy. Below are some of the ways described below, which will help you to get your website to the search engine results page.

Create strong / quality content

This is your first and most important step to write content that is unique/interesting so that readers enjoy reading your article and spend more time on your website or blog. If you do not write good content, then read more Do not stay on your blog till the time and will soon leave your blog and if this happens then the bounce rate of your website or blog will increase and It is not good for your website/blog as the bounce rate of any website/blog should be minimized only then your blog will be able to rank on the search engine results page and if you do not write good content then your blog/website Never be able to rank on the true engine because Google does not rank Low-quality content so it is very important that you write and keep reading your content.

Learn How to Start a New Blog

Optimize your pages meta title

(1) The length of the title is neither 60-70 characters nor less than that

(2) Use as many keywords as possible in the title

(3) Create a unique title

Optimize the URL structure

To get organic traffic on your website it is very important to optimize the URL structure of your website. For this, you should keep the URL short as you try to get your Website URL to be 2-3 words; Try it, give it to different URLs for each post.

Use body tags (H1, H2, H3, H4)

If you write a detailed or list post, you have to use a lot of subheadings in it, then you can boost the posting ranking by giving them a title or subtitle tag.

Use Meta Description Tags

Meta description tags are very important for posts if you use the Meta description tags in your post correctly, then you can get your website/blog rank on the search engine’s results page as well as get high CTR.

Optimize the image

The right way to optimize image blogs is good for sleeping. If you use the image of a locker size, then it slows down the loading speed of your website, due to which your website may find it difficult to rank in the search engine. To optimize the image, it is very important to compress your size, for this, you will find a lot of tools so that you can compress the image.


Learn for new Blogger how to do SEO in just 5 easy steps. To Increase organic traffic on your blog from globally. For New and existing blogger learn the easy and faster way to increase traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. In the current situation, all the blogger are finding a new way to increase there ranking in all the search engine so here you are with the right place to improve your online presence in the competitive world. Digital marketing is important.

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