New Ideas Digital Agencies Can Bring to Your Business in 2020

New Ideas Digital Agencies Can Bring to Your Business in 2020

As we are getting full force into the new year, there’s one thing we can be sure of: the tech and digital marketing sectors haven’t really slowed down. We still see an amazing number of startups, tech companies are still making great profit, and the sector keeps evolving quickly. Naturally, if you want your business to still be on top in 2020, you need to make sure you keep up with the latest tech and make use of the most efficient techniques. This way, you can ensure your company is future-proof and that your competitors can’t undercut you. Here are the exciting services digital agencies can provide your business in 2020 – you’ll be sure to find services that can provide value for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence isn’t anything new, and its adoption in marketing has been going on at full force for years now. However, it is still important to mention it first, nevertheless, because most of the recent changes and breakthroughs have been in AI. Amazing things that you might be able to do in 2020:

● Natural language processing, yet again: there has been an amazing development in the NLP sphere yet again this year – the algorithms are rapidly getting better at processing and understanding human language, and this is opening up amazing new opportunities for businesses who want to market their products more efficiently. The internet is filled to the brim with useful signals and information you can use to understand the market – processing language more accurately and precisely will be a great asset when writing content, measuring the success of your campaign, assessing consumer sentiment, and much more.

● Machine-learning driven marketing: sadly the amount of information on the web is insane, and you can’t hope to even analyze a significant relevant portion of it to get accurate market analysis, etc. Some algorithms working for days and analyzing terabytes of data could still be inefficient. That’s why you need digital agencies who can design bespoke ML algorithms to accurately and quickly give you the data necessary for your business to operate.

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Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing refers to showing targetted messaging and automatically customized ads to different segments of society. While this practice is still in its infancy, and aside from displaying ads in different languages (for different speakers) or crude approximations, it isn’t used that much. But, as we have access to more and more data from our users, making judicial use of the data can help you target people much more successfully. You have to be careful though because you don’t want to be superspecific and freak out your clients.

Audio and Local Search Optimization

Although Local search optimization is relatively well established by now, audio search optimization is a much more new and exciting field. Most devices like Alexa or Siri don’t show people a list of articles when they look up something usually, but they rather only give the user a single option. This means the organic traffic you’ll be getting, and subsequently the revenue you’ll be generating, will be much more impressive if you’re #1 and it will be almost non-existent if you’re #2 on the list. This gives businesses more incentive to try to target the first position harder. There are specific steps you can take to optimize your business for voice searches. As the field is in its inception, there is a lot of potential for generating revenues. If you don’t want to miss out, maybe you should hire this digital marketing agency in Belgium to get started right away.

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