Everything About New Contact Lens Technology

Everything About New Contact Lens Technology Reviews

Contact lenses history.

The modern contact lenses are an advancement of technology created many years ago. The improvement in technology has made contact lenses which were once glass lens uncomfortable due to their enormous sizes. This advancement in contact lens technology leading to the modern thin lens available today definitely started from a point and it has been improved to the most recent contact lens available in the market this year 2019.

contact lens technology has progressed greatly. Many smart contact lens today have special purposes such as disease diagnosis and treatment. For instance, contact lenses have silicone hydrogel which permits them to be worn even for a month without necessary taking them out.

Smart contact lens.

The smart contact lens will also be available in the future just as the smartphones are availableNote a huge demand for smart contact lens is rising in the market especially in 2019. The market for this contact lens is growing to about$ 30 in the year 2019. This means that the demand is high and it is continually growing.

Various international companies such as Microsoft and Google are tirelessly working on how to incorporate come computerizes lens and still the contact lens to be wearable by humans. The smart contact lens technology gets its limitations in finding some of the clear ways to install. Free oxygen exchange in the eye is very important to ensure that the eye does not degenerate another disease over time.

Smart contact lens technology is being researched in the Purdue University was a discovery of a new technology known as the interfacial debonding has been made which is likely to be a breakthrough when fully developed. The technique involves embedding printable material in a contact lens hence printing of a thin electronic film in the contact lens. This, in turn, improves the wearability and more comfortable smart contact lens.

Recent innovations made in 2019 contact lens.

Light-sensitive contact lens.

One of the most interesting innovations made so far in contact lens has been achieved in 2019. These lenses have been fitted with powerful photochromatic filters which regulate the amount of light entering the eye since they can adjust according to the light intensity present at the moment. Their ability to adjust according to the light intensity has enabled them to fully protect their users from the direct sunlight which otherwise has the harmful UV right rays. The house blue rays from many of domestic alliance are also filtered by these light-sensitive contact rays.

These lenses have been in use for about 50 years. Recent advancement in technology has significantly solved the problem of the previous photochromatic eyeglass. This transition contact lens has solved the problem of regularly adjusting them to cope up with outdoor brightness.

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Currently, the smart contact lens wearers are fully automatically protected by this transition lens. Note since these contact lenses are designed so small that they only cover the cornea you will need to wear sunglasses to protect the lest part of your eye. This makes them unnoticeable to someone else. These contact lenses have been approved for widespread consumers usage. Due to the large demand from many people across the globe, they will be available in the market probably in the middle o 2019.

Uses of smart contact lens

Diabetic monitoring contact lens

Currently, diabetes is becoming a global problem and developing a mechanism of tracking it can be of great importance to many people. Testing diabetes is quite boring to dine one has to pick a finer to get the sample blood. The diabetic monitoring contact lens will ease this procedure since it will be possible to test the blood glucose level using the tears. This lens will be the best way to test your blood sugars and keep monitoring it since a high level of blood sugars can lead to diabetics.

Chronic ocular disease contact lens

The smart lens has another helpful use especially to those suffering from chronic eye diseases. These lenses have the potential to monitor the eye condition and lens feedback to your doctor anytime the condition of the eye is changing from the normal. Smart contact lens is also being designed to diagnose the eye problem and use the appropriate medication to the eye. Awesome technology in 2019.

Augmented Reality contact lens.

The smart contact lens available in 2019 has more advanced technology to delighting the users. These lenses have the capacity to show augmented reality images. This definitely fills the vision gab especially for these who had complicated eyes in the diseases in the past life.

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