Making Digital Recruitment More Efficient in 5 Steps

Making Digital Recruitment More Efficient in 5 Steps

The digital space made it possible to do many things without needing physical contact. From simple video communication to buying products online, the internet really made life easier for everyone. This convenience heightened by the pandemic also extends to business operations, significantly impacting the economy throughout the past year. Many businesses moved to the virtual network for employees’ and customers’ safety.

This also enhanced the use of virtual hiring that is less costly than traditional advertisements, more flexible for scheduling purposes, and overall more convenient for all parties involved. But no matter how easy it is to execute, many businesses might feel that they have hired the wrong people who cost them some losses. Although this is naturally a part of the hiring process, you can definitely take steps to make this happen less often.

Posting Good Hiring Advertisements

Your job postings matter just as much as the interviews in this hiring process. Hiring advertisements should be brief and straightforward yet clear and well-defined. The position or job title should coincide with a job description that lists all the tasks you expect them to deliver, the usual day-to-day experience in the position, and the challenges they might face if they get hired. You should make it engaging and unique as opposed to more generic hiring ads. This should make it easy to read for all job seekers, encouraging them to apply freely while making it easy for you to whittle down the number of applicants and find the best fit. Keyword optimization on hiring ads should also be used to increase the chances of reaching people with the right skills and experience for your company.


Some businesses skip this step and go straight to the main interview but prescreening should be done to avoid wasting your time and resources. Although prescreening can be an additional task to your busy schedule, it can help to filter the applicants with a set of questions to know more about them as a person. Here, you can ask about what they did not include in their resume, leaving more time for you to ask about other things in the main interview. This should be done especially for candidates with suitable qualifications and could be a good match for the position to know how much they are interested in your offer.

Conducting a Virtual Interview

When you finally schedule the main interview with an applicant, you may opt for a virtual interview process to save a lot of time and resources. Virtual interviews offer different pros and cons but are very popular for their efficiency. With this kind of interview, one thing to remember is how outside forces like internet connection and conferencing program issues can affect the conversation.

Evaluating How They Fit in the Business Culture

The culture in your office should affect what kind of person you will hire, just as much as how they should be the best fit for the position. New employees should settle quickly in the workspace to work more efficiently. A personality test for jobs can be used to assess their work ethics, emotional intelligence, motivations, and soft skills-all the qualities that you can’t really see until you’ve hired them and they are already in your office. Although this is not always needed depending on the job opening, it will absolutely help to make the hiring quicker and less stressful for you.

Always Be Transparent

Lastly, it would be best to be consistently transparent with the operations, benefits, and even issues with the job. Not to say that you should warn every candidate about the difficulties of working in your business, but they should know what to expect once they get hired. This should further help you screen those that can handle your requirements from those that cannot. And even if they do turn down the position because of the mentioned difficulties, they will appreciate your honesty and think highly of your business long after the encounter.

Virtual hiring is very convenient for your business, but you have to do it right to make the most of it. Know that this part of your operations can make or break your business, as your employees represent a large part of your brand. Remember to take the time to review everything so that you will only get the best for your venture. And even if you make a mistake on the person you hired, know that it is only a learning curve that should prompt you to do better next time. With this, you should be well on your way to expanding your horizons with the right people to support your business goals.

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