The Strengths And Shortfalls Of Love And Technology

Love And Technology, Romance Amid The New Normal

Love, passion, and romance are all exciting features of life that endlessly strum on our heartstrings, but ever since the global pandemic, we haven’t been getting many chances to express our unbridled devotion and intimacy to our romantic partners as per usual. As a result, despite technology already becoming ever-infused with our daily lives, staying at home has rapidly increased the speed at which technology internalizes with our every action – especially in the love department.

However, there’s still so much to be said of whether technology is good or bad for our love language, and while it’s helped some couples process through struggles and come out stronger, this story doesn’t play out the same exact way for everyone. And so, today, we’ll be going over the strengths and shortfalls of blending modern-day technology with our expression of love, hopefully coming to a consensus on how we should approach it the best way possible.

Your Phone Is Often The Greatest Wingman

On the more optimistic side of things, your smartphone is often the greatest wingman you’ll ever get because one, they keep you updated on every little thing there is to know about, and two, communication hasn’t been more accessible. And for many people that have a rough time trying to put their feelings into words, sometimes a cute little gesture through a text, post, or maybe sending over that one funny video helps summarize the emotions wandering in your mind.

• Random Cute Messages: Flirting over text has become a staple in the contemporary world of love, and while there are a select few in opposition with this trend, we won’t deny that random cute messages have become a universal love language. It doesn’t take much to send them a poem that suddenly reminded you about them or maybe a dirty little inside joke that only the two of you would understand. Nevertheless, random cute messages are here to say and a direct benefit of technology meddling with love.

• Expressing Your Love Online: The social media space has been known for many things, but if there’s one thing a lot of people use the platform for, then it’s definitely the place for expressing your love online. Sure, not everyone’s too keen about posting every little thing about their love life for the world to see, but it acts as an excellent online diary that records all your ups and downs together.

• Funny And Sexy Photos: Last but not least, when it comes to being intimate and playing a bit dirty with your S.O, nothing comes off hotter than getting both funny and sexy photos as surprises. Plus, it’s extremely easy to take a quick shot while you’re getting ready for a shower to send them head over heels with just a single picture. It’s fun and helps keep the relationship active in the sexiest ways possible.

However, It’s Made Us Lose Connection In Many Areas

On the less-positive note, imploring the use of phones and gadgets into our love life has also made us lose connection in many areas that, despite the benefits as mentioned earlier, the scale starts to tip over on the negatives. It’s become destructive in many ways that people have yet to notice, and it’s an alarming trend that many have become exposed to, given that we are maximizing screen time for most of our days these past few months.

• Lack Of Time And Extended Phone Use: Devoting our time to our romantic partners is an essential expression of love, but we often get so engrossed with our gadgets that we lose track of time and end up spending too much on our phones. As a result, the lack of time becomes the fuel for fights, misunderstandings, and further complications down the road, creating unnecessary stress and tension between the two of you.

• Forgets Love Outside Technology: While using our gadgets and smartphones have become integral to doing just about anything in today’s new normal, when looking into the love department, technology has a bad habit of making us forget what intimacy is like out in the real world. In worst cases, we lose our sense of physicality and human touch despite being in proximity with them, which almost always leads to a falling-out.

• Exposure To Unrealistic Standards Of Love: Lastly, staying online and fusing technology with our love language has the tendency to expose us to unrealistic standards of love. From constantly seeing how others express love online to celebrities doing the most extravagant things, we unconsciously start to expect the same from our lovers. And again, this could become the reason why fights start in the first place and causing you to call a divorce lawyer.

Cut Back And Learn To Put The Phone Down

Overall, despite how helpful technology has become in many aspects of our life, it’s that we cut back and learn to put the phone down when it comes to love. Sure, the cute gestures and funny pictures mean a lot, but nothing can ever replace seeing the real thing with your two eyes.

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