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Looking Into Depth of the Five Major Video Marketing Types

The domain of digital marketing has transformed considerably. The application of traditional marketing methods and types is no longer appreciated as more and more people are resorting to digitalization. This digital modernization has also greatly influenced animated videos. Animations that used to be limited to the film and TV industry are now being used to form sound marketing strategies and that is an amazing advancement itself.

However, you might want to grab your audience’s attention but how would you choose the right form of animated content to use? It could be an animated explainer video or you might want an animated clip to highlight your brand’s offerings in a corporate manner.

Here are the five types of video content that you can use in your video marketing campaign.

Entertainment genre

Animated movies and clips have always been a favorite in the entertainment industry but this entertaining nature of animations has now turned towards video marketing as well. Engaging and visually interesting content has become a core part of the internet in today’s time, therefore if your utmost goal is user retention and engagement then an enjoyable video is the right option. Before you form the concept of your video, know what your audience prefers to view. Ultimately, your video needs to be about what your audience wants to see and not what your preferences are based upon.

Animated explainer videos

Just as its name suggests, an animated explainer video is made to explain a certain concept or story visually yet in an informative manner. Animated explainer videos are becoming the norm now and it is no longer arduous to find a video animation maker online that can assist you in its production. With the right use of animated characters and voiceover, you would not have to rely on other video marketing styles. An animated explainer video uses simple character designs and usually have shorter video length. In a span of 60 seconds or more, you have to explain your products and services or any other offerings your brand has.

Education genre

Educational and academic content has existed in the form of textbooks but text alone is not interesting anymore. Books that are bloated with text do not hold the same impact as a video would. Issues related to economics or the environment are categorized in the education genre and should be thought-provoking enough to be read by the masses. Choose the topic you intend to address and then select the type of animated video format you intend to use. It could be either an animated explainer video or a whiteboard animation so choose whatever works for the message you are conveying.

DIY and Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are not meant for displaying the features and functions of a mobile app only instead its scope is pretty vast. The notion of launching a smartphone involves the need to highlight its features, price and its launch date but it would be far more feasible if you convey more than its specifications in the form of a tutorial video. You can choose to animate the video or you can record a video where the focus is on solely showcasing the smartphone and how each of its features is accessed and used.

Corporate animated videos

While you can put forward your brand’s offerings in an animated explainer video. However, what would you do when you want to highlight your values and culture? Your brand’s image contains its values, vision, mission, and culture but extending such messages to your audience becomes taxing at times. You can add these to a website but static content would hold no appeal. It is innovative to animate it and then contain all of these factors in a single video. That way, the time of your viewers would not be consumed and with the engaging nature of the animation, they would want to connect to your brand.


Overall nowadays in 2019 video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing services are a major factor to increase the number of traffic on your website. Try to learn daily new technique and update for your own online business.

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