Living Cost USA vs Canada

Living Cost USA vs. Canada

USA and Canada are both like a dream country for many of us. Because the government of both countries provides many facilities to their citizens such as proper health care, proper education and many job facilities which many countries don’t provide this kind of facility.

Many of us are planning to move permanently to the USA and Canada. But before moving to another country, you must know the living cost of those countries. People often want to know about the living costs of the USA vs. Canada so that they can compare these two counties and choose the best one for them.

So let us discuss the cost of living in the USA vs. Canada.

Cost of living

If you are planning to move to Canada or the USA, it will be a great idea. But first, you need to consider the cost of living. Both the USA and Canada are a dream country for most of us because of its exceptional quality of life and a huge amount of opportunities for those who live there. But there are many important things to keep in mind before you move there.

Monthly expenses to consider

The main first thing to consider is the monthly expenses. Some Canadian cities are among the best in the world, but the cost of living will vary significantly based on the state, area, town, or neighborhood.

That is why it is necessary to perform your analysis and to measure the costs this you expect in each city based on your goals and what you can manage. And almost every city is very famous all over the world, that’s why you have to have some idea about the monthly expenses if you live there.

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Household expenses

Household expenses are so high in Canada. The costs on the household are the same as the half of your net salary. In Canada, people spent CAN$88,395 per year only for household expenses. And around CAN$20,434 paid only for housing. There are many other expenses like Taxes CAN$15,627, transportation CAN$12,347, food CAN$8,747, and education CAN$2,258.

On the other hand, household expenses are not that high as Canada. Because in the USA there are many opportunities for students. University students have special offers which will help you to save some money from household expenses.

Electricity bills

In 2016 the Electricity bills were 17.81 cents per kWh and 16.15 cents per kWh in Canada in cities like Toronto and Ottawa, which is lower than the USA. In the USA, electricity bills are 31.05 cents per kWh and 29.52 cents per kWh in the towns like San Francisco and New York. You will be flexible with the electricity bills in Canada as you can see electricity bills are lower in Canada than in the USA.

Telecommunication cost

Telecommunication cost is more expensive in Canada than in other countries. You will have to pay a lot of money only for telecommunication costs. But in USA telecommunication cost is not that high as Canada. You don’t need to spend much money on telecommunication costs in the USA.

Average monthly cost USA vs. Canada

In Canada, you have to pay CAN$127.50 for phone and internet per month. For public transportation, you have to pay CAN$176.25. You also have to pay CAN$283.60 for groceries and CAN$52 for insurance.

On the other side in the USA you have to pay 45$ to 50$ for the phone and the internet, which is lower than Canada. For transportation, you have to pay around 50$ to 60$, which is also lower than in Canada. But for groceries, you have to count a huge amount of your money because foods are very expansive in the USA.

Income Taxes

If you are a government employee in Canada, your tax will cut from the salary which you have to pay every two weeks. But if you are self-employed and entrepreneurs, you must set aside your money for taxes. Taxes can vary according to income. In Canada, if your income is $25,000, you have to pay 20.05% of your salary per year.

If your income is $50,000, you have to pay 29.65% of your salary per year. And if you make $100,000 per month, you have to pay 37.16% per year, which is higher than in the USA. If you earn $100,000 per month in the USA, you have to pay 33.16% per year. So as you can see, taxes are high in Canada, where the USA provides many facilities with low taxes of living.

For most people, taxes don’t even matter. Living in both the USA and Canada will give you a great lifestyle. Because a perfect and organized lifestyle is essential. And both of these two countries can provide you an ideal lifestyle which is necessary.


Both the USA and Canada is very expansive. The cost of living is so high, and many of us can’t even afford it. But if we compare both the countries we can see that the cost of living in the USA is cheaper than in Canada. Now it’s up to you to choose in which country you want to move to. I hope this article will help you to choose the better one. Best of luck.

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