Introduction to ID Card Accessories

Introduction to ID Card Accessories

Identification cards really are the best way to enhance the safety of your workplace however, the advantages need not stop there! You can take your company’s security standards to the next level in a quick and easy fashion with a few additional ID card accessories. Your options include:

Lanyards: A lanyard is a perfect solution to ID card transportation and presentation in any work environment. These are a minimal investment but are guaranteed to have a big return. A lanyard will enable your security staff or system to immediately identify the whos-who of your workplace, as soon as they walk through the door. You can even take their organizational potential to new heights by selecting printed lanyards – these can read “staff”, “security” or “visitor” and will seriously up the efficiency of your day-to-day. Get your customers buzzing with our custom lanyards with both sides imprinted. 4inlanyards can be your go-to brand to shop all types of personalized lanyards, badge reel, and card holder.

Card Holders: An ID card holder is great for securely displaying ID cards on your staffs’ person. They enable your security system to clearly see who is entering the building, and it’s rather obvious to spot when an ID card is missing on a visitor or a contractor. These are perfect for showing an ID card in a fuss-free, simplistic way. Holders and cases will also avoid any lost or misplaced cards, which is always a bonus. Another benefit of an ID card holder is that they can hold multiple cards at one time. With a dual holder, you can store an ID card alongside any other access, attendance or certification cards!

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Clips: Lapels, clips or pins are the perfect way to easily present an identification card on the workwear of your staff. These are fantastic because they are low cost but also, highly functional. A small investment in a range of clips will make a massive contribution to the safety of your company.

Badge Reels: Badge reels are a perfect product for easy workplace access. Your staff can use their reels to attach their ID security cards to their clothing. These enable cards to be readily accessible to security staff or systems. The ease of use that a badge reel promises will also minimize the time your staff spends presenting their ID cards, making your workplace more efficient! You can additionally set your reels apart from the rest by printing your company name or logo on them, again this will provide you with some free exposure and will make your staff even more identifiable.

All of these options will absolutely aid your workforce to move through the workplace faster, whilst maintaining high safety standards. Security really is priceless, and by investing in a few enhancing accessories you are taking the steps towards an extremely safe and highly functional company.

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