Increase Google Ads Profits For Law Firms in 2020

Increase Google Ads Profits For Law Firms in 2021

One of the least searchable words in Google are legal-related terms unless a person is directly looking for a law firm or is in the research stage. This is why Google Ads can help solve this problem for many law firms.

Google AdWords is now known as Google Ads, which is an advertising system for Google. In this system, you’ll bid on keywords for them to appear in Google’s search results. By using this ad system, you can make your law firm profitable.

To increase your profits from Google Ads, you can do the following:

1. Use Profitable Keywords

One of the challenges law firms face when using Google Ads involves law-related keywords. Words like attorney and lawyer are one of the most expensive keywords that you can bid on. This is why using other law-related keywords is vital to keep your ads profitable. Using keywords that don’t give any results will only create Google Ads waste, which means wasting your money without seeing profitable results.

So by using a tight set of keywords, you can increase profits by reducing waste on your Google Ads. Instead of using generic phrases like “lawyer near me,” include your area of expertise. For instance, use a “car accident lawyer near me” as a set of keywords so you can target people looking for such.

Also, include the location of your law firm. By doing so, you’re targeting traffic around your area. For Exemplar, use “family lawyer New York” instead of “family lawyer” only. Say you use the latter, but when searchers are from another state, they may leave your site.

2. Highlight Your Uniqueness

After using the right set of keywords, you may end up side by side with the other law firms that have the same keywords. That’s normal, though, but you can make yours stand out in the search results.

By highlighting what makes your firm unique, you’re more likely to attract searchers. You can add phrases that can emphasize your services and keep your firm apart from the others. Don’t be generic and use these phrases or similar ones to describe your firm:

● Free Consultation

● No Charge Unless We Win

● Get Results Within 8 Business Hours

● Quick and Easy Paperwork

● More Than 100 Cases Won

There are a lot more interesting phrases or words you can use. You can even highlight your firm’s achievement like “50 Years Winning Cases.” By doing so, searchers will know that you’re experienced and experts in the field. Thus, they’re more likely to hire your services.

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3. Take Advantage Of Ad Extensions

Aside from your initial that limits your word count usage, you can include more details into your Google Ads using AdWords Extensions. These are extensions you can use to market and showcase your firm’s services.

With so many types of AdWords Extensions, location extensions and site link extensions are those that can increase your ad’s performance.

You can use location extensions to add to the specific address of your law firm. By doing so, searchers can click on the link that’ll lead them to Google maps. As a result, they’ll know your firm is legit and, at the same time, they’ll know how to get there.

Also, by having site link extensions, you can use additional links that can lead them to specific landing pages. For instance, if your law firm practices various fields, you can use the keywords “Car Accident Lawyer” and “Family Lawyer.” Aside from showing them the scope of your firm, you can direct them to relevant landing pages when they click the links.

That way, site visitors won’t have to land on your homepage, but on the sites, they intend to go to.

4. Include Strong CTAs

Now that you’ve made your ads appealing in the ad results, it’s time to direct your potential clients to take action. Thus, using a strong call-to-action (CTA) is vital to direct them.

By using strong CTAs in your ad, potential clients will feel compelled, which makes them click on your ads. You can do so by using relevant action verbs like “Get Answers Now!”

Or you can tell your potential clients how their case will go if they hire you. For instance, getting insurance claims for car accidents can be challenging. Hence, you can use CTAs like “Let’s Get Your Claims” or “Call Us Now To Win Your Case!”

So don’t let your ads go to waste when you direct searchers on what to do next.


Now that you’re set, you can reduce your ad waste and increase your profits. Don’t let your marketing campaign go to waste by merely making a bid on your keywords. Instead, choose your keywords right, emphasize how unique your firm is, maximize ad extensions, and use strong CTAs. When you do those things, you’ll likely enjoy the profits you’ll gain from your Google Ads.

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