Improving Customer Experience From the Outside In

Improving Customer Experience: From the Outside In

Without customers, a business will cease to exist. This is because the customers bring in the cash flow, allowing the business to continue operating and generating a profit. However, if there are no customers, there will be no money to fuel the operations; thus, there will be no funds to stay in business.

That’s why it’s essential to prioritize the needs and demands of your customers at all times. If you truly want to succeed in your endeavour, you have to start listening to your customers to improve your service. To get you started on the right track, here are four aspects that directly affect customer experience you can focus on:


Accessibility is important when managing a business because you can’t have customers if they can’t see or go to you. Much like the need to maintain online visibility, you also have to make sure that your physical location is accessible to your customers so that they can come to you for your services.

However, it will be hard for your potential customers to learn about your services if they don’t know where to start looking, which means you have to put your business on the map for that to happen. That’s why when looking for a physical location for your business, always consider the accessibility and proximity to other establishments.

Having a good location is crucial to business because it makes going to your shop much more convenient. This is because it’s easier to receive a service from a shop on the roadside than a shop in the middle of a crowded neighbourhood. If you can provide your customers with easy-to-follow directions, it can greatly benefit the customer experience.



Once your potential customers learn about your services, the next step is to meet with you. More often than not, customers bring their vehicles to their appointments for convenience purposes, which means you have to ensure that your parking lot is ready to cater to their needs.

If you have an outdoor parking lot, one of the most important things to consider is that the asphalt paving is durable, which means it should withstand anything come hell or high water. To do this, you can hire professionals to apply a bituminous waterproofing system to your parking lot so that it won’t suffer from water damage even if it rains or snows a lot in your area.

Damaged asphalt can be a safety hazard not only to motorists but also to pedestrians. You won’t want your customers to be hurt when they step onto your premises, which means you have to make sure that your property is safe, from the cracks on the pavement to the wide gaps on the road.


Although it might not be as important as the other factors, having unruly surroundings for your shop can be a sight for sore eyes. Maintaining the cleanliness of your surroundings is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Still, it can help your customers grow fonder of your services because it shows that you care about your business.

For instance, you can regularly do basic landscaping to ensure that the trees and bushes around the premises aren’t overgrown. You can also ensure that the entire place is well-lit, especially at night, because it can provide additional security and safety to your potential customers.

You won’t have to maintain a well-manicured grass area or get a topiary to line the parking lot. What’s important is that the area surrounding your business doesn’t look neglected because it can affect how your customers will look at your products and services. The outside reflects what’s inside, so be careful about how you present your business.


Lastly, it’s essential to implement a working protocol that’s easy to understand and enforce. Imagine that you’re the customer and the person you’re supposed to meet for an appointment just says that you should show up at a certain time. But when you get there, you’re at a loss about what to do or who to approach because you weren’t told what happens next.

Take the guesswork out of your customers’ experience by creating a good protocol. For example, you can tell Customer A that if they receive Service A, they should head to Door A after signing in to the client portal. And if Customer B arrives earlier than their scheduled appointment, they can stay in the waiting room until someone calls them for their turn.

Having an enforceable protocol will become easier for you and your customers because you won’t waste each other’s time idling. Plus, you won’t have to spend more money hiring a front desk manager because your customers already know what they need to do once they get to your premises.

Improving customer experience is important because it will show your clients that you’re not only in this for their money; rather, you’re determined to give them the best service you can give because it’s what they deserve. Always put yourself in their shoes and think about what you can improve. This way, you’ll know what your customers will need before they even say it.

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