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Free Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home Network in 2021

While we all know businesses and companies keep network security in mind, this is also important to do at home. While many data breaches affect companies and can cost them millions of dollars, that isn’t the only place that hackers will go to look for victims.

Consumers and the public are often the victims of these breaches and they themselves can have some very dire consequences. As a result, it is very important to protect yourself. While there are a few things you can do, one of the most important is to improve the security of your home network.

The more secure your home network, the more difficult it will be for unwelcome guests to access it. With that in mind, this article is going to look at a couple of easy and free ways to improve the security of your home network.

Use Strong Passwords

Use Strong Passwords

The first thing to do is to use strong passwords. We all know to use strong and tough-to-guess passwords for our accounts, but we need to do the same for our Wi-Fi. While the default password on your router might look complex and completely safe, this isn’t always the case.

Many hackers can guess the default passwords for many manufacturers, so be sure to change it. When changing your password, it should be at least 20 characters and include a variety of different numbers, letters, and other symbols. Make sure the password doesn’t have anything to do with you and doesn’t include things like names or birthdays.

Also, be careful where you advertise your Wi-Fi password and who you tell it to. The last thing you want is for someone unsavory to get a hold of your password and use it against you.

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Don’t Use the Standard Name for your WiFi

Just like you get a standard password when you first get a router, you also get a standard name for the router. While this might not seem like anything important, it certainly can be. This router name can easily and quickly let the hacker know the brand and type of router you use. This can make you an easier target for hacking.

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Changing it will leave them in the dark and not give them anything to go on. However, don’t call it something like “Dan’s Wifi”. This can make it easier for hackers to know which of the available Wi-Fi connections is yours. In general, naming it something random or something cute but common is often the best way to go.

Have a Tool Capable of Identifying Problems

While your Wi-Fi and home network should run smoothly most of the time, there are times where problems can arise. These can range from Wi-Fi not working, being slow, and a variety of other issues. Having a tool, such as one of many Wi-Fi analyzer tools, to collect data can be a real lifesaver.

These tools can help you quickly identify issues, and fix them before they become a much larger problem down the road. Other things that these types of tools can do is improve the quality of your connection, view networks, and their channels and even find areas of your home with a weak Wi-Fi signal.

So, in addition, to help protect your home network from attacks by monitoring and analyzing network activity, these tools can also help optimize the performance and speed of your home network.

We hope that this article has been able to help you improve the security of your home network in 2021 and beyond. It is very important and could save you and your family a lot of struggles down the road.

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