Impossible not to Miss Escape Hour

Impossible not to Miss Escape Hour

There are a lot of things that are so good about Escape Hour that it is virtually impossible not to miss it. It is located in an accessible location in Calgary and Edmonton that it is pretty easy to get there. Parking is also abundant so that is one area you won’t have a problem with. In addition, all themes of this escape room change all the time.

Therefore, you won’t get sick of the same thing all over again. You are going to be delighted with the challenges. The owners made sure all the trials and tribulations you are going to get through are all worth it. Also, you would want to dress up nicely. In case it rains, you are going to have to put your umbrella and raincoat inside the locker room assigned to you.

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There is no doubt you are going to be thoroughly impressed with what Escape Hour brings. It is pretty fun from start until the very end. No matter if you complete the quest game or not, you are going to have the time of your life. It is a great bonding experience with friends too. There is no question you are going to talk about the experience for a long time. Just make sure you don’t spoil it to your other friends who have yet to experience the quest game. They will surely not appreciate any spoilers for this escape room since most of them have been eagerly anticipating their turn. It is like spoiling the ending of the next Avengers movie. Nobody will like it and you will surely not want the same thing to happen to you.


After a few weeks of not experiencing Escape Hour, you are going to dream about being in that quest game again. You are going to ask the people you played the quest game with and they will all feel the same thing. It won’t be long before you schedule another time slot with them. It is so much fun to play their quest game. Once you get back inside the escape room, you are going to feel happy. It is like a home away from your real home. Once again, you are going to be challenged like no other. The thrill of being there is impossible to be replaced. Once it is over, you will look forward to doing another escape room there all over again.

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