Importance of Wayback Machine for a business

Importance of Wayback Machine for a business

Well, we do not really visit libraries anymore these days, why? Because all the books can now be accessed at you little virtual libraries, that is the World Wide Web.

Importance of Wayback Machine for a business
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Just like libraries stores books, there’s a library that stores websites: Wayback Machine. Here you can visit and surf through any website ever made in the World Wide Web. This is the sole purpose of the Wayback machine: to store the digital heritage. I strongly recommend it for all kinds of businesses, and the following article will tell you why:

1. Go on a tour around the evolution of your website

This is one of the most basic features of the Wayback machine; it helps you see how a website has evolved over the years. The snapshots of your websites help us evaluate how things have changed, what has and what hasn’t worked for you, and track the growth of your competitors.

Every now and then, you need to make revisions to your website game-plan to maintain efficiency and functionality. Wayback machine offers you the helping hand to analyze how the changes have impacted your virtual performance and web presence. You get a very detailed insight into the mistakes that you committed that led to a negative impact on your site’s overall performance and vice versa. Moreover, this machine is also very efficient to keep an eye on your competition. And in case you are not finding many screenshots, don’t worry, just scroll down to the dates and time interval, and you will see when these changes were made.

2. Gear up with a thorough research on your new client

You cracked the deal with a new client. Well, the game isn’t over yet, in fact it has just begun. Start with research, dig up every little detail about them – what they were up to in the past, what they are now and what they aim to be in the future. Your client’s website will be a very good indicator of the same.

With the Wayback machine, you get to see how your client has evolved, from the very beginning. You can dive into the details, have a closer look, and introduce yourself to the traits and thought process of your prospective clients. If you want to know your clients inside out, there’s nothing better than the Wayback Machine.

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3. Access the lost or deleted data

Before we begin, let me be clear that the Wayback machine is not a replacement to backups, and there must be a proper backup plan for your data. In today’s age of cyber-attacks, virus or malware, do not come with prior notice. Thus, if your website is not password protected, Wayback comes with a solution. You get access to the data which is actually lost or deleted.

4. Conduct detailed research of your competition

Well, everyone strives to be a step ahead of their competition, and the Wayback Machine is your best bet for the same. You see, with the Wayback machine, you are performing analysis of the market in general and of your competition in particular.

This will help you uncover all the mistakes they have committed, further guiding you to not commit them in your tenure. In short, you are examining your competition about what strategies they adopted that resulted in the hike in their revenue and vice versa, and learning from both – their mistakes and achievements.

A Better Alternative

You must have understood how good and important Wayback machine is, but yes, with 2020 on the verge, the market has offered you an alternative, even better in some ways. It is none other than the nifty tool Stillio. It helps you take automated screenshots, at regular intervals, as per your wish, that is, every hour, day, week, month, a year or any other frequency of your choice. Accompanied with features like archiving website screenshots, adding tags, saving URLs and much more, it saves you loads of time and energy, and in my experience, it serves your needs just like the Wayback machine, plus modern technology.

Wrapping up: there’s practically no reason why you should not start using Wayback Machine or Stillio which is a great Wayback Machine alternative. It is an important capability your business must possess, because who would want to forego the long list of benefits archiving has to offer?

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