How You Can Make Your Manila Office Life 10 Times Easier

How You Can Make Your Manila Office Life 10 Times Easier

Metro Manila is not an easy place to work in. So for the office workers who tough it out day by day in the metro, there are some tips to make life easier.

No matter where you are in the metropolitan area, there always seem to be traffic, pollution, and the risk of getting taken advantage of in so many different ways. Add all these to a stress-prone office job, and you’ve got the recipe for burnout. Don’t want to end up as a walking zombie in the streets of Manila? Here are a few ways you can make your working life ten times easier:

Consider home-based opportunities

There are manyoffice spaces for sale in Ortigasand other CBDs. But with so many companies springing from the ground, there are a lot of employees who are being offered home-based work. Not only does this save the company money in office space, utilities, furniture, etc., but it also provides an opportunity for people to work in the comfort of their own homes without having to deal with traffic, pollution, and all the stresses of the outside.

If this is a viable option for you, consider applying for a job that offers home-based positions. Alternatively, ask your current employer if they can offer home-based benefits. They may be willing to allow employees to work from home a few days of the week instead of losing them altogether.

Pack a lunch

There are three main benefits of bringing a packed lunch to work every day: 1) you get to save money; 2) you can stay away from unhealthy food; and 3) you don’t have to join the lunch rush every single day. We know what you’re thinking; packing a lunch is a hassle, especially if you have to leave early in the morning. But why not try meal prepping? Every Sunday, you can make cheap, healthy, and homemade meals and put them in the fridge. When it’s time to eat them at work, you can easily microwave them in the office pantry.

Find ways to manage stress

Work-related stressmay not only be affecting your performance, but it may also be costing you your health. To effectively manage stress, you can try one or more of the following strategies:

• Break tasks down instead of getting overwhelmed by the entire project.

• Manage your time well and avoid leaving tasks until the last minute.

• Ask for help when you need to.

• Don’t push yourself; know when to take breaks.

• Stop being competitive.

• Arrive on time and leave on time.

• Deal with office tensions before they become toxic

Save money

A major cause of stress for many Filipino office workers is their lack of savings. Most of us are quick to believe that if we earn only a little, there’s no way we can save. But in these small ways, you can build your savings and not let all your hard work go to waste:

• Avoid milk tea and expensive coffee; they’re not good for you anyway.

• Learn how to say no to drinks or outings that are out of your budget.

• Save at least a little bit of money from each paycheck.

• Have a coin bank to save loose change.

If you find yourself getting too stressed out by life in the big city, these tips may help your life at least a bit easier.

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