How to use customer data to increase sales

How to use customer data to increase sales?

Traditionally, sales have been a profession that’s intuition-driven.

Based on their interaction with people, salespeople determine whether or not they are potential prospects.

However, with advancements in technology, sales data has taken control, and intuition no longer gets a place in the driver’s seat.

One such technology is the email address extractor tools such as,, etc.

Email address extractor tool – A glimpse

Email address extractor tools are used to find the potential audience’s email addresses quickly. Many email marketers highly prefer this to reach out to their prospects. is one such tool that functions based on big data and machine learning algo.

In recent years, both small and large businesses have started gathering customer information. But, not many of them are utilizing the collected data.

As you read further, we will discuss how to use customer data to grow your business.

Bring down your customer acquisition cost.

Do you have any idea of what your customer acquisition cost is?

The customer acquisition cost is the total money it costs you to close sales. This will include the money you spend right from introducing your product to the audience till you get them to make a purchase from you.

For example, if you spend $300 on marketing and sales activity and get three hundred new customers, then your customer acquisition cost is $1.

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Fine-tune your marketing strategy

You could use the customer data to provide highly personalized marketing campaigns to your prospects.

Using the Google analytics data and Facebook insights, you could derive a lot of information about your prospects, such as their interests, demography, behaviors, interests, etc.

Enhance the customer experience

Besides Google Analytics, you could get a lot of valuable information from the customer feedback and their reviews.

When your customers tell you about their experience with your brand or what they expect from you, please pay attention to them and listen carefully.

Look for ways to improve the processes to address their needs and implement them.

You could use Google Analytics to understand the prospect’s experience on your web pages.

For instance, if your service page has a high bounce rate or exit rate, it could mean that there is something not right with that page.

So, you should work on it and enhance your web page in terms of the content or the loading page, to improve the users’ experience.

Increase the sales

For any business, the ultimate goal or aim is to have more sales.

What if I tell you that with customer data, you could increase the sales?

Yes, you can intrigue your prospects to buy more products from you.

Let me give the example of Amazon; they use information such as when a prospect makes a purchase, their interests, after how many days a prospect makes the purchase after adding an item to the cart, etc.

Final thoughts

Customer data is valuable only when it is put to use. When you know how to make use of customer data to grow your business, you will be able to make informed decisions for your brand.

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