Travelling to India How to Save on Excess Baggage

Travelling to India? How to Save on Excess Baggage

Saving on Excess Baggage when Travelling to India

Millions of people visit India each year. A recent study shows that 8.9 million foreign tourists visited India in 2016. That’s closer to a whopping 9 million, and that too are foreign tourists. With that much visitors, the problems of having excess baggage always come up.

Nearly all people travel to India by air. Airlines have different policies according to the weight and size limit of the stuff that a passenger can carry. A lot of times, flyers are justify stranded on the airport due to having excess baggage.

They are given two choices there. Either leave the stuff behind or pay a lot of extra fees for carrying extra luggage. This makes it a very tricky situation for a traveler because he cannot do anything at that moment.

1. Leaving Unnecessary Stuff at Home

One thing you can do to save on excess baggage is leaving some of the stuff behind which you can buy in India. This will help you to put a lot of unnecessary luggage at home, hence saving you from paying some extra money to carry that luggage while traveling.

2. Buying a Luggage Scale

Probably the best thing you can do while traveling is buying a luggage scale, which will help you to measure all your weight way before traveling. If the weight you’ve packed is more than the allowed weight you can carry, you can prepare yourself accordingly to come within terms with the legally allowed weight at that price.

3. Arrive at the Airport Earlier

Another thing you can do to save excess baggage money is arriving at the airport early and checking in at the start. Most airlines have a limited capacity on how much luggage can be stored in total, and how much excess luggage without charges should be allowed.

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If you check-in earlier, you will have more chances of getting in without paying the extra fee which is charged by the airline. Arriving early can work on a lot of occasions.

4. Wear Stuff and Pocket Some

If you’re taking a lot of clothes to carry with you during your travel, what you can do is put some small heavy stuff in your pockets, and some heavy clothing like a jacket or a raincoat which you can wear. This will help to reduce the overall weight of your baggage and possibly help you to save some money which you can use in something else.

5. Seat Upgrade

Upgrading your seat is not the worst option out there especially if you want to save some money. If you have a lot of excess luggage and you are a consistent traveler via that airline, then the airline might upgrade your class for free. Even by paying yourself, airlines do not charge a lot for upgrading your seat.

6. Put Some Stuff in your Carry Bag

If you’re carrying a bag with yourself and your check-in weight and size is more than the limit of the airline, then if the airline allows carry-on bags, you can put some stuff in your carry-on bag and check-in.

There are some limitations on what kind of stuff you can carry in your carry bag. Make sure that the items you are putting in your bag are not prohibited to be put in a carry-on.

7. Hire a Cargo Service for your Excess Baggage

Sending your excess luggage via courier service is the cheapest of all the options you can get. This works best especially if you have too much luggage and none of the situations explained above suit your current situation. You can send your courier via sea cargo or airmail.

Sea courier service is the most inexpensive but it takes a lot more time; like even 50 to 60 days in some cases. The expensive option is sending your cargo via airmail. But the rates for cargo service can be brought down as well. It depends on the service you choose; the one which offers great service at a competitive price.


Overall, there are a lot of cases where you would need extra space for putting excess luggage in. In that case, you can choose the option that suits you best according to your situation. But, if you ask us, sending your stuff via a cargo service before traveling to India is so convenient and hassle-free.

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