How to Find Your Coaching Niche

How to Find Your Coaching Niche

Life coaching is probably one of the best things which you can go for. Even if you are unsure where to begin and how to get yourself involved with a particular niche, we are here to help.

Choosing a niche is technically quite important for any coach who is looking to capture a large portion of their target market. In case you can do this well enough, then making big bucks a month doesn’t remain a very hard goal to achieve.

But before you begin everything with yourself, let us tell you that you shouldn’t even try copying someone else’s character and way of working just because they are a successful coach. People are much smarter than you think and see through everything which you present before them.

But more importantly, you are not going to feel comfortable or confident when practicing because that’s not you. You potency is something which is always live in your authenticity.

So, how to find coaching niche which is the best for you? Let us tell you the same in a few steps.

• First of all, you need to ask yourself, under the umbrella of life, what do you enjoy helping the people around you with the most? When the people around you come to you for advice, what life area do you feel is something which makes you the most passionate and confident talking about?

• Moving on to the other thing, just ask your friends and family, and the people who know you the best, what they think your strength is reflected in and how do you actually get the most out of yourself? Ask them why do they even pick you when they want and advice?

• Now as soon as you have your answer for these questions, just pull out what overlaps from the different people. What were the common themes which you found within? Well, they are your areas of interest.

• Your niche is always buried in the overlap. Always pick what is resonating with you the most. Even though there might be a few to choose from, but for now, just pick one. It might be tough but it is the only way to move forward.

• Your niche is always like your major in college, which you can change any time you wish, right? Life coaches usually think that if they choose a particular niche, they would have to stick with it forever. It is wrong. As you are embarking on your life coaching journey, your niche is always going to change your life and help you ahead. That’s because you will change and your gifts are going to expand with time.

Now as you have an area of life where you can focus on and specialize in, how are you going to do it?

This is probably the best part. The way you go into the things represents you. This particular place is such a time when you can become an artist. But like just any other art, it takes a lot of practice. Expanding your niche is easy, but it is a process which might take some time for sure.

As you coach and try a lot of things on the way, different approaches come before you which you have to face. Just bear witness of all this or you are going to put tons of pressure over yourself without even realizing that miracles don’t happen right away.

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