A Step-by-step Method On How to Download JW Player Videos

A Step-By-Step Method On How to Download JW Player Videos

If you have no idea what JW Player is, then keep reading this article. You’ll learn what it is all about and how it works. JW Player is a kind of video player software that started in 2005; its role is to embed videos on web pages. Many websites prefer using JW Player; few examples are news websites and video-hosting companies.

JW player is made as a closed-source software; meaning, the source code can’t be shared in the public, But it was worked out as a non-proprietary software fifteen years ago. If you’re wondering if it has a free developer version, the answer is yes, but everything appears with a watermark. If you have this version, you’ll have full access to SDK and API. Aside from that, you’ll also get 75 GB for streaming, and you’ll also have 25 GB for hosting.

You will pay $10 every month for the beginner version; this version lets you access HTML5 video player, video gallery, and sharing, all protected by a password. You’ll also have 150 GB for hosting and 500 GB for streaming. However, you are required to talk with JW Player to arrange the price since it doesn’t have a fixed rate. Despite it all, we’re still on the winning side because you are free to have a personalized version.

The beginner version will cost you $10 every month; this version allows you to access HTML5 video player, password-encrypted video gallery, and sharing. You’ll also obtain 500Gb for streaming and 150 GB for hosting. The enterprise version doesn’t have a fixed rate; you’ll need to keep in touch with JW Player to have an arrangement about your desired price. The good thing about it is that you can have a personalized version to meet your needs.

We badly want to download excellent videos because we find all of them relevant, but we can’t get them because of copyright restrictions and security. But don’t lose hope because everything in this world can be accessed, but I’ll state it directly that it isn’t an easy task. There are many ways on how to download JW player videos, but I’ll only give you three simple guides to make things easier for you.

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Downloading JW Player Videos Using View Page Info On Firefox

To start with the procedure, open the web page where the video is settled; always remember to use Mozilla Firefox when streaming videos. After opening it, click the right button of the page; don’t forget to click the page and not the video. From the drop-down list, find and choose the View Page Info; a dialogue box will appear once you select it.

Once it appears, go to Media immediately. Scroll down and locate the video file on the list. To give you a hint, you can find the Type to and then choose the Video layout. Once you’re done, choose the video file and select the Save as; it is located in the dialogue box. Wait for a while until the video begins downloading. And for the finale, you can now proceed and access the folder where the video is placed.

Downloading JW Player Videos Using Inspect Element On Google Chrome

The procedure above is exclusively for users who have a Mozilla Firefox. If you prefer using Google chrome, then this part is for you. The process has slight changes from the first one since we’re using two different browsers.

Start the step by launching the web page where the video is situated. The same procedure above, right-click the page itself and not the video. In the drop-down box, find and choose the Inspect elements; a box will occur on the right side of the page.

Once it occurs, immediately go to the Network and then select the Media. Allow the video to play for a minute so that it appears on the list. Choose the Mp4 file and or the video file link in the Media list. Once you see it, just right-click the file. Choose the Open In a new tab from the drop-down box; you will then be sent to a new tab, and with that, the video will start downloading.

Firefox Extension

If the two techniques don’t work out, you can use our third option. Don’t forget that this method prefers Mozilla Firefox, and it heavily relies on its extension. First and foremost, open the Mozilla Firefox. Choose the menu located on the top corner of your browser. From the drop-down menu, hit the Options; it will open the settings window. Once it shows up, scroll downwards and see the Extension and Themes; select it immediately once you find it.

Put the Flash Video Downloader on the search box and then hit the Enter button. Locate and choose the Flash Video Downloader. Hit the Add to Firefox and then verify the extension by hitting the Add button. Choose Okay after confirming the extension to Firefox. Once you’re done, you can now quit Firefox.

For the finale, open Mozilla Firefox again and then go to the web page where the video is situated. Choose the Flash Video Downloader located in the right corner of your browser. Hit the download and select the download destination folder. Once you’re done, hit the save button, and then you’re done.


I know you’ve been trying so hard to find the best ways to get JW player videos. Today is your luckiest day because you can now do your plan. Just follow the given steps one at a time to get things done correctly.

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